How to save an Instagram story on your phone

Here’s what you need to do if you want to save an Instagram story with Music on your mobile.

Have you ever wanted to save a story posted on Instagram on your phone, but you can’t do it by including the song added via the app’s “music” sticker? If you’d like to be able to save an IG Story while also including music , read on to discover a simple trick that lets you do that.

When we publish a story on Instagram, we can choose whether to also include a song through the “Music” sticker. If, after having published it, we decide to save it in the gallery of our smartphone, Instagram will warn us – through the message “ do you want to save the video without the audio? ”- that the saving will take place without the audio: our IG Story will be saved on the phone, but without the music.

How to save an IG Story with Music

The only way to have the music chosen on Instagram to accompany our story, even on the roll of our mobile phone, is to save it BEFORE publication.

This means that when we have made all the necessary changes to our story and are ready to tap on “send” and share it with all our followers (or the list of our closest contacts), it will be necessary to save it on the roll BEFORE its publication . Only then will you find it saved with videos and music.

If you do this after publishing, the story can be saved, but without the music track added via the “Music” sticker.

PLEASE NOTE: This trick ONLY works on videos . If your story consists of photos + music , even if you save it on your phone before publishing, you will not find the audio track. If, on the other hand, your IG Story is made up of video + Music , then if you save it before publishing, you will also find the audio track.

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