How to use Skype without internet

Skype is one of the most popular communication softwares, so it is common that doubts arise about whether it is possible to use Skype without internet, without SIM card and without connection.

Within the world of Skype, almost everything is possible from a trick to use two cameras in Skype to using Skype online without downloading or installing anything.

So, for those who have come to this post looking for an answer to these questions, either at three o’clock or a specific one, then we will see the different possibilities.

How to Use Skype without Internet, without SIM Card and Without Connection

My device does not have a SIM card, can I use Skype?

Answering the question directly: yes, if it is possible to use the application in question, even if the device does not have a SIM card . We explain why and how. This is one of the reasons to use Skype instead of another application.

For starters, you don’t even need a phone number , although it is an option. Since it works directly with the internet.

In this sense, to open or create an account, we can choose to use that number or an email (from Microsoft) and choose the desired username.

As for how to use it, it will only be necessary that said device, be it a computer or a laptop such as a smartphone or Tablet, have access to the internet .

The latter can be both by wired and direct connection or by connection of a Wi-Fi network, for the tool there will be no difference as long as it is stable and, at least, of regular quality.

Thus being able to make both regular calls and video calls in a normal way, and without neglecting the possibility of messages and the other modalities that it includes.


How to use Skype without Wifi connection?

This is a fairly common question, but whose answer is very simple, and even becomes obvious. In any case, here we have no problem clarifying it.

In this way, using Skype without a Wi-Fi connection is possible, as long as the device, whether portable or not, has access to the internet by another means .

Let’s delve more into this, for example, we talk about the mobile application, we could use it if the computer has an internet connection through data or browsing megabytes.

On the other hand, being a computer or PC, it would have to have a wired connection or through a BAM (mobile broadband) or portable internet pin.

Therefore, it is not essential that the connection be through a Wi-Fi network, as long as, we repeat, the device has internet and it is of acceptable quality.

Although, it is always recommended that, if there is the possibility of connecting to a wireless network, this is the best option, compared to mobile data, due to the better quality that the former presents and the high cost that the latter usually entail.

Does Skype work without internet?

In the previous two sections, emphasis has been placed on the need for internet to be able to use the well-known calling and video calling services.

But what many users are unaware of is that you can actually use Skype without internet, how is this possible? Well, using other services.


This is called Skype To Go , and it is aimed mainly at calls abroad, in order to save on them, enjoying a good price.

This service has the particularity of working both on mobile phones and fixed telephony, without the need for any internet connection or 3G coverage .

Now, as for how it works, basically it is about assigning a Skype To Go number (which will be unique) to be able to call the foreign number.

In this sense, it would only be necessary to purchase the service, which works through subscription or through direct credit charges from Skype.

After that, setting up the Skype To Go number is free , and there is a related number limit of up to nine.

For those who want to know more about this wonderful service, they can access the Skype blog by clicking here , and see the information first-hand as well as obtain assistance.


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