How to use safari dark mode on iPhone

Putting the Safari browser in dark mode on Mac or iPhone has never been so easy to do. The world of the Internet is currently available to any user, therefore, absolutely everyone has access to some type of smart device.

Certainly, access to the internet in any type of browser has its pros and cons , since the content that exists on the net is quite explicit in any field.

Certain digital tools are essential when looking for content on the Internet, especially when we talk about the best browsers that offer security in the Internet world.

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  1. How to use safari dark mode on iPhone and iPad?
  2. Operation and main features of dark mode in Safari
    1. How to activate the Reader View feature
    2. Use the Smart Invert shortcut
  3. Why use the Safari browser, over other browsers?
  4. How to enable dark mode for any web page
  5. How to delete browsing data like history and cookies from Safari on Mac?

How to use safari dark mode on iPhone and iPad?

Putting the Safari browser in dark mode on Mac or iPhone may be easier than it seems, for this, you must pay attention to what you are doing, if you do not have knowledge about it. To put the Safari browser in dark mode, you must have it installed.

Once the latest version of the Safari browser is installed or downloaded , go to the Apple menu and choose the ‘System Preferences’ option , then click on the’ General ‘option and select’ Dark ‘in the’ Appearance preferences ‘.

Once the steps are completed, the browser will go dark to be displayed in the way you chose, all these options are valid for the MAC operating system . 

However, if you are an iOS user, you  must start Safari on your iPhone , then you must go to the desired web page, select ‘Reading mode’ located near the search bar.

Choose the ‘Text’ button , then select ‘Dark’ and the browser will quickly go dark. However, if this type of aesthetic is chosen in the iPhone Safari browsers, the above process must be completed for each page visited.

Operation and main features of dark mode in Safari

Safari’s dark mode is one of the most interesting and striking options that have been presented in recent years, it offers different variants and benefits which we will explain to you below, so stay with us and find out everything.

The main objective of this interesting tool is to give a dark or black appearance as such in the appearance or interface of all types of applications. Once said dark mode has been activated and you access your apps, you will be able to see a dark background, which will be generally present on your respective terminal or device.

This well-known Dark Mode for Safari has a wide list of considerably fascinating characteristics and specifications , for example, once we have activated this function, any web page that we use will have that appearance already predetermined. It is also important to remember that you can choose the portals to which the dark mode will adapt and which not.

Another interesting feature of this function is that we can program a time for its activation, that is, we can agree on a certain amount of time in which the ‘Dark Mode’ will be activated. For example, we can program this mode from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am. Once said schedule ends, this option will be deactivated.

Another important piece of information is that if for some reason or another we want to deactivate or activate the dark mode for Safari manually, we will only have to go to the icon or box of the respective extension, in this we will click and that will be it.

To finish , it is important to note that this interesting function has different modes, which are divided into Dark, Mono and Soft Dark. Choose the one that you like the most or that suits your aesthetic and voila. Enjoy this fabulous tool.

How to activate the Reader View feature

Once we have activated the Dark Mode function in Safari, we will only have to follow some simple and quick steps to enable the reader’s view option. Our first point to follow will be to open the Safari app and access any web portal. Once done, we will be located at the top of the screen, just to the left side of the URL box we will be able to see an icon ‘aA’ .

Now, once we click there, a small list of options will be displayed, we will choose the first box, which indicates the ‘Reader View’ function. Once this is done we can enjoy this tool and in case we want to deactivate it we will only have to follow the same steps.

Use the Smart Invert shortcut

It is an interesting and novel option that aims to rest our eyes after hours on our terminal or device. In order to use this tool we will have to go to the settings app, then we will go to the ‘Tap General’ section and then access the ‘Accessibility’ box.

Now our next step will be to click on the ‘Show accommodations’ box that is located below the ‘Vision’ title. Once this is done, we will click on ‘Invert colors’ and finally we will get the Smart Invert function, from here we can activate or deactivate it whenever we want.

Why use the Safari browser, over other browsers?

Putting the Safari browser in dark mode on Mac or iPhone, you will love it, especially if you are tired of always looking the same in the browser. On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the virtues of using the Safari browser over other browsers.

Using the browser in question allows you to have very fast speeds, in relation to the search results and, not only in these results, but also in the loading of the pages, since, with regular browsers, the process is slower.

In addition, Safari allows you to install extensions from Windows or any other operating system , such as ‘Mac’, it all depends on which of them you are using. Safari’s virtues are the ability to stand out for its simplicity, which allows users to easily choose options.

It also allows the search of any page to be easier than it really is, since its interface is characterized by being minimalist, this style has become popular in many applications and programs.

On the other hand, Safari has the option to further expand the view of the pages searched, as it takes advantage of the full potential of the screen on devices.

How to enable dark mode for any web page

As we mentioned before, once you manage to activate the dark mode function for Safari you will be able to enjoy this tool in the entire browser, therefore, you will be able to enjoy this option on each of the web pages without any problem or inconvenience. Of course, some portals may not support this function, but be assured that the vast majority can enable Dark Mode .

On the other hand, in case you do not want to see this function in a web portal, you will only have to click on the respective extension, there you will be shown some options among which you can deactivate the dark mode without problems on that page.

How to delete browsing data like history and cookies from Safari on Mac?

If placing the Safari browser in dark mode on Mac or iPhone was quite easy for you, doing other things will be even more so, since the browser in question has a very minimalist interface. To delete browsing data you must go to the menu bar.

However, having a good internet connection is a fundamental requirement to be able to use Safari. There are times when something unforeseen happens when browsing, many users do not know how to identify the problem, so it is recommended to determine if the internet connection is slow.

To delete browsing data you must go to the menu bar , click on the option that says Safari, once there, locate the option ‘Remove history’, a menu will be displayed indicating the time interval in which you want to delete the information, select it and click again on the option ‘Remove history’.

On the other hand, to delete other data such as cookies, you must go to the ‘Menu’ option, then press ‘Safari’ in the ‘Advanced’ mode, once there select ‘Website data’. Then select the option ‘Delete all data’ and that’s it.


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