How to use PowerShell to uninstall Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10 is a great operating system worth downloading, which allows you to have a lot of great programs. For example, Xbox Game Bar. However, the advantages of deleting this program are much more than those of having it installed. For this reason, some of the advantages of uninstalling it and how to do it with PowerShell will be discussed below.

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  1. Advantages of uninstalling Xbox Game Bar
    1. Free up storage space
    2. Optimize performance
    3. Keep control over your files
    4. You will not have applications in the background
  2. How to use PowerShell to uninstall Xbox Game Bar from your PC?
  3. What else can you do to remove Xbox Game Bar if the above option doesn’t work?

Advantages of uninstalling Xbox Game Bar

Installing Xbox Game Bar to be able to manage and optimize video games in Windows 10 can have advantages. However, the benefits of deleting this program are far greater than leaving it running. Below are some of the benefits that can be achieved by uninstalling this program.

Free up storage space

Programs like the Xbox Game Bar always consume a large amount of storage space. For this reason, it is recommended to remove this program from Windows 10: you can have more storage space available. In addition, this program can be replaced by another that is the same or more efficient and much lighter.

Optimize performance

Programs will always consume an amount of ram memory on Windows 10 devices. For this reason, the fewer programs there are on the computer, the better the computer’s performance. When analyzing the performance statistics of the Xbox Game Bar, it can be seen that this greatly diminishes its good performance.

By analyzing this it can be concluded that it is much better to uninstall this program from Windows 10 . And how to do it is extremely simple, you just have to go to the Windows control panel.

Keep control over your files

The Xbox Game Bar also has another drawback: it has access to files on the computer. For this reason, he can make the changes he sees fit, whatever they may be. Therefore, sometimes it can happen that a file disappears from the computer for no reason. However, removing it will fix that problem.

By uninstalling this program we can prevent it from having indiscriminate access to our files , and for this reason we can recover access without any problem.

You will not have applications in the background

Another reason to uninstall this program is so that you can avoid having applications running in the background. Since this program is responsible for taking care of games and optimizing them, it is much more likely that it will keep these applications open in the background. This does nothing but slow down the computer .

Uninstalling this program will make it much easier to prevent these background apps from staying open. Undoubtedly, there are several benefits of removing this program.

Now, in order to remove this program from a Windows 10 computer , you can follow at least two procedures. Both will be explained below, and what steps must be followed for the uninstall to be successful.

How to use PowerShell to uninstall Xbox Game Bar from your PC?

The first procedure that can be followed in order to remove Xbox Game Br is to use the PowerShell program. This is nothing more than a fairly complex programming tool that allows you to perform special actions on a Windows computer. It basically works very similar to the CMD command .

In order to uninstall the Xbox Game with this program, what you have to do is search for the program, right click and open the application as administrator. In order to remove this application from Windows, you must write the following command Get-AppxPackage *xboxgaming+ Remove-AppxPackage . It is a fairly simple and effective process; however, it doesn’t always work.

What else can you do to remove Xbox Game Bar if the above option doesn’t work?

The other option that can be followed is the simplest, most common and even logical. To apply it, what must be done is to go to the Start; to do this you have to press the ‘Start’ key on the keyboard. After that you have to go to settings, then to applications, and finally to applications and functions.

Being inside this window, you will simply have to search for the program, click on uninstall, and that’s it. The truth is that it is not a complicated process at all with either of the two methods mentioned in this tutorial, in addition to offering many advantages. Therefore, it is recommended to remove this program.


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