How to use keyboard and mouse to play on PlayStation 4 – PS4 easily

PlayStation or as its abbreviation identifies it, PS4 is a digital entertainment system, in turn, it is the sixth time that Sony joins the video game market through this console. At the same time, it should be noted that it has a wide range of features, options and possibilities for better operation. In addition, it is the fourth desktop console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Similarly, this new system allows you to save captures and recorded videos on a USB through the front ports. Then you can take it to your computer, in addition, you can share these captures and videos on your Facebook profile, you only have to configure it so that only you can see it.

However! Starting from this, it should be emphasized that one of the things of great importance in the PS4 (PlayStation 4) is to know how to use the mouse and keyboard . In this way, we will have a better experience when playing and using applications that we download.

How to use a mouse and keyboard on a PlayStation 4?

Initially, it should be noted that PS4 or PlayStation 4 allow the connectivity of keyboards and mice to be able to play. For this reason it is important to understand how these two elements can be used if you need them at some point, then we will show you the steps to follow.

It is important to mention that PS4 allows you to use keyboards and mice in two ways, which are connected via USB and via Bluetooth . In such a way that, if you have either of these two connection options, you will not have any problem.

So the first thing you have to do is plug your device, keyboard and mouse into an available USB port on the front of the PS4. Next, if they work correctly, the PS4 will recognize the connected device and then ask who will use it. So all you have to do is choose the profile you want to pair with the device.

After making the connection you can use the keyboard and be able to scroll through the menus of the PS4 console, in addition, you can enter text, browse the internet and much more.

It should also be noted that you can change the type of keyboard (language) , you just have to enter the configuration, choose devices and finally select external keyboard. Also from there you can change the delay and repetition speed of the key.

In turn, if the speed and delay of the key are in (normal) the settings should not be changed unless necessary. Since these are specific keyboard settings.

Later, to use the mouse you just have to connect it, it is very simple and the PS4 automatically recognizes it. Then you can use it normally, since there is no type of configuration for its use.

Keyboard and mouse can easily be used with PS4 console

It is important to know that the mouse as well as the keyboard do not need extra configuration to be able to use them. In addition, the mouse has different parameters that can be adjusted on the PS4 system itself. You just have to enter settings, look for the device and select where it says mouse.

In this section you will find some parameters that are modifiable, and where it says “type”   you can identify between right-handed and left-handed in addition to the pointer speed. But generally these are in “normal” .

Also, if you have a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, the procedure is somewhat different in terms of the USB connection, you just have to follow a few steps which are:

First you must turn on the bluetooth keyboard or mouse, then you must go to the PS4 and look for where it says “settings” select the “devices” section and click on “bluetooth devices” .

From that moment the console starts the search process automatically to identify the nearby bluetooth devices. Then you must continue with the pairing process in the normal way and enter the access code if necessary.

After the PS4 recognizes the new device, it asks who will use it, and that is where you must choose the profile you want to pair with the device. Also at the end of these steps you can scroll through the menus of the PS4 and start using it to be able to play and more.


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