How to use Greek letters in Word document?

How to use Greek letters in Word document?The office programs that exist are those of the Office suite. This suite of programs includes applications for taking accounts, for creating text documents, and even for creating slide shows . The best thing about each of those apps is that they are free and can be used without paying.

Now, Word Office is the program in this Microsoft company package that is used to create text documents . With this program, you can add different letter formats to documents, including Greek letters. Shortly, we will explain how to write Greek text within any document.

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  1. How can you write a text in Greek alphabet with the Word ‘Symbol’ font?
    1. For a new document
    2. If you want to transform only part of the file
  2. What is the process for writing Greek letters with ‘Alt’ codes?
  3. How to take a phrase or text in Greek to another program of your choice?
  4. How else can you write in the Greek alphabet?
    1. Using an online text editor

How can you write a text in Greek alphabet with the Word ‘Symbol’ font?;How to use Greek letters in Word document?

The text in alphabetical order can be written by means of an option called ‘Symbol’ provided by the ‘Word Office’ program. This option can be used both in documents that already have text written in, and in new text documents that are completely empty. However, see how this text in Greek font is placed in documents with content or in empty documents:

For a new document

The good thing about putting Greek writings in a completely new document is that you will have room to visualize everything . Now, pay attention to how to place this kind of writing:

  1. Start your computer and search for Word.
  2. Press the program to open it.
  3. Then, select the option ‘ Create new document‘.
  4. There in the new document, you will go directly to the ‘Insert’ section that is at the top of Word.
  5. Then, go to the right part of the monitor where you will find an option called ‘Symbols’.
  6. What follows is to press that option and select the sub option that says ‘Symbol’.
  7. Once all the symbols are displayed, click where it says ‘More symbols’.
  8. In that new window that will appear, go directly to the ‘Sub set’, unfold the bar that implies those sets and choose the one that says ‘Greek and Coptic symbols’.
  9. Immediately, you will see all the Greek symbols in alphabetical order. You just have to choose the ones you want and click on ‘Insert’.

It should be noted that Microsoft is not only focused on creating programs for the office, but is even involved in video meeting platforms . Its video meeting platform is called Microsoft Teams , which you can use whenever you want, both for leisure and work.

To only change a part of the document, you have to carry out a process similar to the one mentioned in the previous paragraph. Pay attention to the whole process:

  1. Open the Word document
  2. Go to ‘Insert’, go to ‘Symbols’, then click again on ‘Symbols’ and finally select the option ‘More symbols’
  3. Where it says ‘Subset’, you are going to choose the set ‘Greek and Coptic Symbols’
  4. To finish, press the symbol you want and left click where it says ‘Insert’

With this, the entire process for placing Greek letters in a Word document would conclude . On the other hand, with Word you can also place Roman numerals on documents .

What is the process for writing Greek letters with ‘Alt’ codes?

Writing Greek letters using the letter ‘ALT’ is a bit tricky, since you need to know all the codes for each of the Greek characters. This process consists of pressing the ‘ALT’ key and then entering the number code for each character.

For example, if you want to write the Greek ‘a’ of character Alpha you have to press ‘ALT’ and then quickly enter the code ‘224’. This is a somewhat complicated process that it is not recommended to carry out , because you could inadvertently use the special keys to modify something in the system.

If using this combination of keys you accidentally modify any of the Windows functions, you would have to visit Microsoft technical support .

How else can you write in the Greek alphabet?

In addition to using Word to write Greek letters, you can use a few tools for these types of tasks . The best tools available for this are online.

Using an online text editor

One of the best online text editors out there for writing Greek lyrics is one called ‘Online Followers’. To visit this website, you must put in your search engine ‘’ and the web will immediately appear to you already loaded or else in the search results.

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