How To Use all the capacity of your brain

Situation. On the way to work, you get a great idea, which you want to make a note of immediately upon arrival in the office. But before you get to the pencil and paper, your head is empty again and your brilliant idea is doomed to eternal oblivion.

We cannot always rely on our memory. The information society overwhelms us with information via the Internet. Sometimes there are simply too many, so we are no longer able to absorb them. Memory overload.


Information overload

The fact is that our brains were never created to remember a quantum of information. In the Stone Age, it was used to explore the environment, predict danger and survival. Over the centuries, the human brain has evolved as the flow of information has grown exponentially.

Today we have online search engines and online translators. We always have all the information at our fingertips thanks to the touch screen of our phone, which has become a personal computer. We do not have to memorize knowledge, but we must be able to operate with it logically.


Does memorization belong to the past?

Digital memory in the form of digital disks is unsurpassed in storing, organizing and retrieving data. In a rapidly changing world, therefore, the most important thing for us is the ability to quickly learn new skills.

There is a big difference between KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS. As we learn new KNOWLEDGE, we acquire knowledge, procedures, and principles. However, we can also look for all this. KNOWLEDGE therefore loses its power.

In the information society, it makes sense to learn SKILLS. The following are especially useful:

  • Communication skills, which in the digital age include, for example, shooting online videos
  • Ability to critically assess the content of media messages, which is especially evident today
  • Digital skills, because when we learn to make full use of technology, we can greatly simplify our work


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more capable and powerful. However, the digital brain still lacks CREATIVITY. The success of the business is mainly due to new products and new services that support competitiveness. Creative people are indispensable and their original ideas are worth their weight in gold.


In what direction do you want to develop your brain? You may not want to be addicted to information technology. You may want to rely on your own mental Google. In that case, you might like the  Stay in Memory … course with a brilliant memory .


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