How To Reboot Your Brain

How To Reboot Your Brain

1. Stay in the moment

When we are engaged in any business, we usually scroll extraneous thoughts in our head: we supplement the list of tasks, think about what to cook for dinner, sort out all sorts of reasons why someone did not respond to a message. It distracts from the present moment and the current case, and just tiresome.

If you find yourself often overwhelmed by these thoughts, practice developing mindfulness . Meditation works well for this. She teaches to observe thoughts, but not to cling to them, that helps relieve stress.

There are other ways to return to the present moment:

  • Concentrate on the sensations. Try to use as many of your senses as possible while doing something. For example, while cleaning, pay attention to the smell of the cleaning agent, the temperature of the water, the sound of the vacuum cleaner. If you are walking down the street, feel the touch of the wind on your skin and the work of your muscles, pay attention to the scents, sounds and sights around you.
  • Concentrate on your breathing. Slowly draw in the air, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. Repeat 10 times.

From time to time, you will still be distracted by extraneous thoughts, this is natural. Don’t criticize yourself. Just when you notice that you are distracted, return to the present. Over time, it will get easier and easier.

2. Write down your thoughts

it helpsreduce the amount of mental “garbage”, thereby freeing up the working memory of the brain. This means that after you take notes, it will be easier for you to let go of obsessive thoughts and concentrate on what is needed. If you take notes regularly and reread them, you can also notice how your thinking works and what types of problems bother you most often.

Here’s what you can do to get the most out of your diary:

  • WriteIt is enough to set aside 10-15 minutes a day for this, for example, in the evening before going to bed.
  • Write whatever comes to mind. Do not hesitate or try to write beautifully. Your goal is to get all thoughts out of your head.
  • Take time to reflect. Re-read your notes periodically and analyze what has changed and what has not.
  • Use this information for self-development.
  • Why keep a diary every day and how not to leave your notes

3. Listen to music

It’s not just about pleasure, music also has beneficial properties. Shetakes off stress, improves mood, positive influenceson the plasticity of the brain . This is especially true for classical music, but your favorite genres are also suitable for a mental reboot. Collect playlists of tracks that help you relax, calm down and invigorate, and play them at the right time.

4. Get some sleep

Sleep is needed not only to restore physical strength. Hepromotes emotional and psychological stability, during it are consolidated memories.

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Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep affectour state is negative: it becomes more difficult to make decisions, memorize information and regulate emotions. So if you feel mentally drained, take a nap. And think about what you can change in life so that you get eight hours of regular sleep.

5. Take a walk

A change of scenery, fresh air, and movement are great ways to free your head from unnecessary thoughts. Also, walksusefulfor creative thinking. And if you have a creative crisis or you can’t stop thinking about something, go out for a walk. It will be good for your physical health as well.

6. Take care of the cleaning

The environment is serious influenceson well-being. When there is a mess around, it is more difficult to concentrate and think clearly. If you feel that your nerves are at the limit, try to restore order at home. Most likely, you will find that the process of cleaning itself has calmed you, emotions have subsided, and thoughts have cleared up.

7. Give up trying to concentrate

You are unlikely to be able to run all day without interruption, you will want to rest. The brain also needs to rest periodically . If he has ceased to obey you, then it’s time for him to relax. Try painting, looking out the window, or hovering in the clouds.

8. Talk about your concerns

When you say this out loud, you will at least relieve tension. Plus, by telling someone about your problems, you can see the situation from a new angle and find unexpected solutions.

Pick a family or friend you trust and share your concerns. If you do not feel the result, see a psychotherapist. He will help:

  • identify the causes of concentration problems;
  • notice obsessive thoughtsand find ways to deal with them;
  • find suitable ways to recharge;
  • identify what leads to the appearance of mental “garbage”.

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you can’t do it yourself. There is nothing to be ashamed about.

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