Saints Row Changes Up Its Car Combat For The Reboot

There’s no more cruise control in the Saints Row reboot, but Volition has added that vehicles now form part of a player’s arsenal.

Volition’s Saints Row reboot is about to kickstart a new era for the series, but the overall style, attitude, and gameplay of this reboot still draws from the games that came before it. One change that fans can expect though is a revamped system for car combat, as Volition has transformed vehicles into four-wheeled weapons.

An example of this gameplay will be seen when the Saints challenge one of the rival gangs–Los Panteros, The Idols, or Marshall Defense Technologies–to a showdown in Santa Ileso. According to Volition’s chief creative officer Jim Boone, these events are inspired by action films such as John Wick and Baby Driver, and the car combat sequences won’t have any cruise control.

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“We did spend a lot of time with a driving model to try to make it as drivable as possible,” Boone said to Polygon. “You will still be able to fire out the window like you could in previous games, but we’ve gone a different route in terms of the way the car combat works. You’re using the car more as a weapon in Saints Row than you are using your firearms. As a result of that, we didn’t feel like we needed to try to come up with that cruise control mechanic from the past.”

There’s more than one mode of transportation available in Saints Row though, as players can explore the city on motorcycles, hoverboards, and even wingsuits. Saints Row is currently scheduled to arrive on February 25, 2022.

The second month of next year is already stacked, as numerous other games will be launching within days of each other. SNK’s brawler The King of Fighters XV has February 17 in its sights, PS4 and PS5 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18, and February 22 will be shared by indie martial arts game Sifu and the next expansion in the Destiny 2 saga, The Witch Queen.

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