How to update your Xiaomi ahead of time

Updating a Xiaomi mobile implies waiting until a new version of MIUI arrives on the phone, whenever that happens. That you don’t want to wait because there is a new version that you want to have as soon as possible? Surely it is not possible to download it, but you can speed up the wait so that it arrives faster . And there are several steps to achieve it.

If we owners of an Android mobile know anything, it is that updates arrive when they arrive and almost never quickly , but not all brands are delayed to the same extent. Samsung has put the turbo in regards to updates, Xiaomi is used to renewing the software of a large part of its catalog. And, given the popularity of the brand, there are several shortcuts to get to the latest MIUI.

Activate the option ‘Receive updates sooner’

MIUI has tons of tweaks and settings, some somewhat hidden ; Not in vain is it one of the layers with the greatest customization possibilities. And it adds options that aim to improve the experience for an upcoming update : install automatically, download updates with mobile data and the one that interests us, ‘ Receive updates before ‘.


MIUI 13: news, release date, phones that will be updated and everything about the Xiaomi layer

To speed up the arrival of news on Xiaomi phones, you have to do the following on your phone:

  • Access the settings and enter ‘About the phone’.
  • Click on the MIUI 13 image. In previous versions you must go to ‘System update’.
  • Click on the top three menu items and choose ‘Update Settings’.
  • There you will see the option that we highlighted: ‘ Receive updates before‘. Click on it.

From this moment Xiaomi should take your phone into account to include it in the first waves of each update. It shouldn’t speed up the process too much, but you could get a few days ahead of it. With a downside: being one of the first, you may run into some bugs in the update . You must take it into account.

Stable beta program to test them ahead of time

The beta versions of MIUI have long since ceased to be available to global users as Xiaomi limits them to Chinese territory . Even so, there is still a MIUI Beta program, a voluntary option where updates can be tested for some models. MIUI 13 testing program is currently available.

To opt for the download of the stable betas of MIUI 13 you must carry out the following process (as long as it is active):

  • Access the global website of the program.
  • Accept the permission to participate and fill in all the steps. Xiaomi will ask you for the mobile model, the IMEI and other essential data to know if your phone is suitable or not to access the MIUI 13 betas.
  • Once the request has been sent, Xiaomi will not notify you of anything, so do not expect a notification email. In the event that your mobile has entered the test group, you will receive a notice to install MIUI 13 Beta stable.

Although this international beta program is based on already stable and global ROMs, that does not mean that they are free of errors: remember that installing their updates can make your mobile unstable . Evaluate it before signing up and, above all, before installing an OTA if they finally accept your mobile in the program.

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