How to use Google Assistant driving mode

If you have to use your phone while driving, the safest way to do it is through the Google Assistant driving mode , the car interface that integrates most Android phones and successor to the already [defunct Android Auto for phones]( With the closure of Android Auto for phones .

As we will see below, the Assistant’s driving mode offers us a minimalist interface adapted for driving , in which, thanks to its large icons and buttons and integration with the Google Assistant, we can use the most essential functions and applications.







Set start driving mode

To use Google’s driving mode we have to make sure that we have it activated. To do this, the easiest way is to open Google Maps and in Settings > Navigation settings enter the Google Assistant Settings option .

There we can configure when we want the driving mode to start automatically . The options it offers us are:

  • When scrolling on Google Maps:Starting navigation with Google Maps activates the driving mode interface.
  • When connecting to car Bluetooth:
    • Start driving mode:When your mobile is linked to the car’s Bluetooth, driving mode will automatically start.
    • Ask before starting:When your mobile is paired with the car’s Bluetooth, a notification will invite you to start driving mode.
    • Do nothing.


Android Auto is not the only one in cars: Google has three more alternatives for vehicles

You can also start the Google Assistant driving mode on any screen by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive” , “Hey Google, I want to go to [destination]” or from the shortcut that you can add as we will see later.

The driving mode shows us at the bottom a new navigation bar with direct access to voice search and an application drawer where we will see shortcuts to make calls , send messages and access compatible media applications that will allow us to listen to music and podcasts from its interface adapted to driving.

Add a shortcut

At the bottom of the application drawer we find a suggestion that allows us to add a direct access to driving mode to the home screen of our mobile, so that just by touching its icon we can access driving mode without having to connect the phone to the car’s Bluetooth or start navigation to a destination.

When the Assistant’s driving mode is started without a destination, it shows us a home screen with suggestions for our next destination, music to listen to, or access to send messages or call our contacts.

Allow access to notifications

In order for us to see the messages while driving we have to make sure that the option Show messages in driving mode is activated. This option can be found in the Driving Mode app drawer settings. To activate this option we have to allow access to notifications in the Google application.

Once this option is activated when a new message arrives, the driving mode will show us its notification under a new interface that for privacy will not show the content of the message but we will be able to say “Hey Google, read message” so that it can read us the message and then be able to reply to it as well using Assistant’s voice commands.

What you can ask the Google Assistant

Although the driving mode of the Assistant offers buttons to interact with its interface, if we are already driving, we will have to use its voice commands to interact with the mobile . The voice commands that we can use while driving are:

  • Make a call:Say “Make a call” or “Call [contact].”
  • Answer a call:Assistant will say “Call from [contact], do you want to answer?”.
  • Send a message:“Send a message to [contact]” or “Send a message.”
  • Receive your messages:“Read my messages”.
  • Listen to music:“Pon [artist]” or “Pon [genre]”.
  • Start navigation:“Go to [destination]”.


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