How To Update the Nintendo Switch

It is always advisable to keep all our devices updated as it will help us to be more protected through the latest version of operating systems. Both the device itself and the programs and games that we use. That is why we explain step by step how to update the Nintendo Switch or how to update the games and programs that you use on the console.

You will need to have an Internet connection or use local communication with other game consoles to have the programs in the latest version. We explain it to you.

Connect to the Internet

The first thing we must keep in mind in order to update the Nintendo Switch is that our console is connected to the Internet correctly.

When you open the Home menu of the Nintendo Switch you will see the latest games you have played or some of the ones you have in your library. At the bottom, a series of icons with options: a chat bubble, a bag, an image … Seven icons in total that will allow us to access the different configuration options.

  • Nintendo Switch Online (will only appear if you have it)
  • News
  • Nintendo eShop
  • Album
  • Controls
  • Console configuration
  • Standby mode

Once here, we will have to go to the option of “Console configuration” to be able to connect to the Internet correctly. Enter the settings and you will see a series of available options … Scroll until you reach “Internet” or “Network”.

The steps would be:

  • Go to the home page of your Nintendo Switch
  • Go to the Settings section in the circular icons
  • Open this section and you will see a menu on the left side
  • Scroll down to the Internet / Network

Once here, at the top we can configure the Internet options of the console. Tapping will open all available WiFi networks that you can connect to. What we have to do is look for ours. Once you have found your wireless network, you must fill in the password to connect.

Choose the WiFi network, connect and check that the connection works correctly. Once you have it, you can go back to the main screen to check the console update or see if there are any pending.

Update the Nintendo Switch

When we have already verified that we are correctly connected to the Internet and we return to the main screen, you will see again the five or six icons at the bottom of the screen that will take us to the different sections. The one that interests us is the fifth, a kind of gear or sun that will open the Settings .

Open the “Settings” and you will see many options … Themes, notifications, standby. Go down, using the control of the Nintendo Switch until you reach one of the sections or sections at the end: CONSOLE . Tap the button to open this section.

The first thing we will find here is “Console update”. At the bottom, in small letters, you can see if there is an update ready or what the version is (as we will see in the next sections once you have updated)

You will see “Console update.” Touch here to continue with the process. A new screen will open indicating:

An update is available for the console, select “Update” to start the process.

Tap on “Update” in the big button in the center of the screen and a window will open showing us that the console is “Updating” and a load button.

After a few minutes or seconds, the process will be complete. We simply have to follow the same steps to check that it already appears as updated: We open the Settings icon, go to Console and here to  Console update”. When clicking, a screen will appear that indicates: The console is already updated. And the version you have at the time.

Update programs

If instead of updating the console you want to update programs or games, we have to make sure that we are also connected to the Internet. Generally, when starting any game it will tell us whether or not there is a pending update and we simply have to confirm to download it before starting to play.

We can configure the automatic update of programs from the “Console” section by following the previous steps. Thus, if there is an update available, it will ask you to download it when you open the game or application.

  • Go to the Settings button at the bottom of Home
  • Open the settings and search for Console
  • In “Console”, scroll
  • Scroll down until you find “Automatic program update”
  • Check the option “Yes” and confirm

When there is an update on a game that you are about to launch, it will tell you that an update is available or pending and if you want to download it before starting. Of course, you will always have this option if you are connected to the internet and not if you play offline from a plane or any other place where you do not have WiFi.

Update manually

You can also update them manually from the main screen. This will be useful if you don’t want an update to “skip” just when you’re in a rush to play and you want to always keep it updated so that the time to enjoy it is not delayed. It will only take a few seconds to do so.

From the main screen, go to the game or program you want and do not touch to open it but, with the cursor over it, press the “+” on the Nintendo Switch controller. This will open a series of options:

  • Program information
  • Update
  • Data management
  • Saving data in the cloud
  • My Nintendo Rewards Program

The one that interests us is the second: Update. Here we will see two different options from which we can choose: Through the Internet / Match versions by local communication. The first is the simplest and you just have to press for the console to connect to the Internet and automatically download the latest version. The second option allows us to connect to other consoles through local communication and thus we will match the version if they have it updated. This is useful if we do not have the option of having Internet at that moment and we want a new version.

If you choose “Via Internet” you will only have to wait a few seconds or a few minutes for the console to download the latest version and you will be able to start playing. If you want to use local communication, just choose this option and the instructions will appear on the screen where we can follow the steps.

Tap on “Continue” and connect the consoles. Make sure they all have the same program icon marked at that moment and follow the steps. All users must be on the screen to create or join the group. Once ready, tap on “start communication” and all games will be updated to the latest version.

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