How to unlock iCloud on iPhone and iPad?

Many users of Apple products are faced with the problem of iCloud blocking on their branded devices. It’s worth noting that this is an extremely common problem. In today’s article we will see with you what an Apple ID is, what a Find iPhone Activation Lock is and how to unlock an iPhone if it is locked via iCloud. With the help of this material, you will instantly get access to your gadget, be sure of this.


  • What are Apple ID and iCloud?
  • Lock your device with Find My iPhone
  • ICloud Lock Removal Methods
    • Request data from the previous owner
    • Remove iCloud Lock with Support

What are Apple ID and iCloud?

Before we go directly to the problem and its solution, let’s take a quick look at what Apple ID and iCloud are. Who knows, maybe you are a new user of Apple’s gadgets. Anyway, this information does not fit.

So, you probably often see and hear how users mention Apple ID. What is it? Apple ID is an authentication system developed by Apple and is used in many of Apple’s products. Apple ID is used as a user account and can be used to access the iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud, and more, as well as link the purchased device. Apple ID registration is completely free on a dedicated page on the Apple official website .

We mentioned iCloud – let’s take a quick look at that too. iCloud is Apple’s cloud service where the owners of branded gadgets can contain photos, videos, various documents, and more. Among other things, you can share all the specified content with other users and access it from your other devices using the same iCloud account, as well as use iCloud to find your lost gadget.

Lock your device with Find My iPhone

So why do users search the internet for how to unlock iCloud? Why is there any kind of blocking at all, and even iCloud? Well, let’s figure it out. Perhaps the most common reason users are interested in this question arises after they have purchased a supported Apple device.

Not everyone has the money to buy a new iPhone or iPad – and there is nothing shameful about it and no one condemns anyone. Everyone disposes of their money as they please. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of conversation. So, a user buys a used Apple gadget at some local cell phone store (hand-held or somewhere else), comes home, launches it and sees the following information on the display:

Activation lock

This iPhone has been lost or erased. Sign in with the Apple ID you used to set up this iPhone.

And here many go into a stupor. Some people try to register in iCloud and enter the details of a new account on the device, but nothing works – the gadget does not lend itself to any. So what happened? In fact, everything is extremely simple: the previous owner of the device simply did not unlink his iCloud account and did not turn off the Find iPhone function.

Find My iPhone is exactly what you thought it was: finding your lost or stolen gadget. The search is performed by IMEI (identifier) ​​of the device or serial number. Just in the function “Find iPhone” and there is a lock of the device (activation lock), which helps to protect the device from re-activation by unauthorized persons. To unlock iCloud on a device of such a plan, you will need to enter the iCloud account information (Apple ID and password) of the previous owner.

ICloud Lock Removal Methods

Ok, is it possible to unblock iCloud on such devices? In fact, there are several different methods that can help you if you encounter a similar situation. Now we will just consider them.

Request data from the previous owner

So, the most obvious method to solve the lock problem is to ask for the Apple ID and iCloud password from the previous owner of the Apple device. Perhaps a friend gave you a used iPhone, or a friend sold you for a cheap price, but he forgot to disconnect his account from the device.

In general, if you get the data necessary to enter iCloud, the problem will be solved. Enter the data, go to iOS and unlink someone else’s account and link yours. If you took the device from a store, then you will need to go there and ask the seller to fix the situation.

Remove iCloud Lock with Support

This may sound strange to you, but you have the opportunity to contact Apple support for help. You can literally ask them to remove the Activation Lock and replace the Apple ID on the problem device, but only if you can prove that you legitimately acquired it.

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