How to Uninstall a DLC on Steam and install it manually

Hey what’s up friends? Today I will teach you in a few steps how to uninstall a Steam DLC and install it manually . If you thought that this could not be done, today I will show you otherwise!

Can you just uninstall a DLC on Steam without uninstalling the game?

This is a question that they ask me in the comments of the videos and it is very confusing how to manage the dlc, since apparently there is no way to manage them.


Dear Rijogamer, to the previous question the answer is a resounding YES; you can uninstall a dlc on steam without having to delete, delete or uninstall the game to which it belongs.

It was a question that I also had, because whenever you install additional content (dlc) you just type the code into steam, it is automatically installed, so you don’t interact with other options, leaving you in limbo (to say the least).

How can I uninstall additional content for my game on Steam?

To learn how to uninstall the DLC of a game on steam just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Steam app.
  2. Go to the Library menu.
  3. In the list of games on your left, look for the game for which you want to Uninstall or Install the DLC and select it by clicking.
  4. On the game screen to your right go down to where you see a kind of square that indicates the DLC section, where you can see all your available dlc.
  5. Just below the dlc images look for the option that says Manage my DLC and click.
  6. In the window that opens you will see again the list of your DLC but now each one will have a Check List.
    1. Those that have the check list or are selected indicate that they are installed
    2. Those that are not selected indicate that they are not installed
  7. To uninstall a DLC, all you have to do is deselect it; then you will see how the message Update in Queue will appear in the name of the game, indicating that it will be uninstalling
  8. To install a DLC you only have to select it and in this case in the name of the game you will see a count in percentage indicating how much has been installed until reaching 100%


In conclusion, installing and uninstalling a dlc on steam is very simple, the only thing that was needed was someone to show you where that option was and thank God RijoGames came to the rescue.


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