How To Root Android Phone Manually

How to root android phone manually.Root access is becoming more and more popular among users of the Android operating system, because it opens up almost unlimited possibilities of the operating system for the average user.So how do you get rid of the root?

How To Root Android Phone Manually

This method requires some skill and minimal knowledge of the system. The advantage of this solution is that there is no need to use third-party programs or a computer. You will need a simple file manager, which is on any smartphone. As a last resort, there are many similar apps on the Play Store. To do everything correctly, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Delete the su file in the / system / bin / folder. Depending on the device, the location may vary.
  2. Delete the su file in the / system / xbin / folder. It will also need to be searched in some cases.

How to remove Root rights from Android manually

2. How to remove Root rights from Android manual

  1. Then find the file busybox and do the same with it.
  2. The SuperUser.apk folder should be located in the / system / app folder. Its destruction is the final stage of “purification.”
  3. Reboot the machine.

As you can see, even removing Android root rights with your own hands is quite simple. The instruction is suitable for users with minimal knowledge in this area.

We recommend that you reset the system to factory settings after removing the superuser rights. After losing Root rights, system problems may occur. If you do not want to immediately reset the settings, then observe the operation of the gadget, and if the fears are confirmed, then reset the settings

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