How to manually set the time on Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you are surely delighted with how well it works. Today we will talk about a very interesting utility, how to manually set the time on Apple Watch .

Manually set the time on Apple Watch

Sometimes it happens that the devices show us a different time than it actually is. It may also be of interest to us to put it manually and advance it 5 minutes to always go with a margin (it is another possibility).

And it is that, although it seems that this is no longer done by anyone, you may also be interested in doing it on your Apple smart watch. In that case, you need to know how to do it.

Therefore, if you have this watch, you have to know how to manually set the time on Apple Watch , so you can squeeze it out and adapt it to your needs.

The steps to follow without very simple. You will simply have to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Clock
  3. Press on +0 min
  4. Click save

Just doing this will work and you can adjust it manually . In this way you can adjust a few more minutes if you wish, it happens not to be late or to put the time you always want.

Of course, when you do, you will see that the maximum limit is 59 minutes . It is the maximum that you will be able to change the time on the Watch.

Of course, if you want to change the time above those 59-minute limit, what you have to do is change the time zone . It is another option if you need to set another time.

You see that it will take you little to do it, one way or another. So just with you doing this you will have it ready, to set the time you want.

Now that you know how to manually set the time on Apple Watch , it only remains for you to tell us if it has helped you. If you have questions you can use the comments and we will help you.

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