Learn how to spread your succulents

How to spread your succulents.Succulents are the kind of plants that can store water in their body that they can use in dry times. The best succulent plant in the world is found in South Africa. They are mostly trees and shrubs.It is not difficult to multiply your cacti or succulents. In this post, we give you tips to do it correctly. 

Learn how to spread your succulents

One of the virtues of these beloved plants is their great ability to reproduce and spread . To welcome the summer we are going to give some information to multiply your collection, without realizing it you will be surrounded by them!

The best thing to do at this time is that our plants recognize the change in light and are happier than ever, also we have not entered the season of extreme heat, making it a good activity to take advantage of the rich spring weather.

The first is the cut of the plant, which will depend on the type of succulent, in the case of Sedums or Echeverias usually from the leaves, in the case of the Aeoniums, for example, the cut is through the stem. Let’s review the propagation step by step according to the type of cut:

Learn how to spread your succulents

1.cut per sheet

Choose a healthy leaf, take it and twist it carefully, many times they detach themselves or are slightly separated from the stem. The important thing is to remove the entire sheet, not cut part of it.

Once you have taken the necessary leaves, let them dry, at least wait 3 days, since if we wet them before they are, they could rot. You should also take the same care with the freshly cut plant. Let the wound dry from the leaves you removed.

With the leaves already dry put them on the ground, do not bury them, just put them on the ground with some distance between each leaf, the roots will find their way to the ground.

2. Cut by stem or cut

Stem cutting is preferable in some species, but if you want to propagate a larger part of a succulent it is recommended to do it this way as well. Take a succulent branch and cut from the stem, try to make the cut as clean as possible with a pruning shear or gardening knife, a clean cut helps the plant heal easier and we have a better chance of successful propagation .

Once we cut the stem, remove the leaves closest to the cut, allowing us to have a perfect stem to bury.

Let dry for 3-5 days and bury in a pot with soil.


Another important issue in the propagation is water, the soil should be watered when it is dry, but being careful not to exceed in quantity, many experts recommend spraying the soil to prevent new plants from dying from excess water. The best way to check is to dig your finger into the ground and see how dry it is.The roots take around a month to grow noticeably, everything will depend on the climate and the light they are exposed to, remember the succulents adore light, but always taking care that it is not very strong or for long hours.

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