How to share your screen in your Discord application?

Discord is the application of choice for many users when video conferencing, telecommuting, broadcasting, gaming or other online actions. Since 2020 it has been possible to use the screen sharing function from Discord on mobile devices. To be able to use this function, the mobile operating system must be updated with a recent version. In the case of Android, the version required is v 48.2 or higher.

For some time, Discord has become an excellent voice system for communication between users, especially gamers. However, the application has spread to education and business. The integration of the function of sharing screen in mobiles will drive the growth of the platform, since the use of messaging is much more extensive on Smartphones than on desktops.

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  1. What are the steps to share your screen on your Discord account?
  2. What’s the reason why you can’t screen share in your Discord video calls?
    1. Authorize ‘APP’ permissions in your Mobile settings
    2. Unstable internet
  3. Why when you share screen your contacts do not hear your audio?

What are the steps to share your screen on your Discord account?

This screen sharing process is straightforward. If you are one of those who knows how to use this platform, the way to share screen will be very intuitive. In the latest update released there is a button that takes you to the call function directly. Despite this, the detailed steps are as follows:

  • The first step is to download the application through the PlayStore, if you have it installed, make sure you have the latest version available. If you do not have this latest version, the properties necessary for the process will not appear. Once installed or updated you must register or log in.
  • Once you enter the data and enter the platform, the main window of the program will appear. In it you will find on the left those servers to which you belong, and in the center, your contacts. To access your servers you must select thegreen “+” button on the left, to share screen you must have an active call.
  • To start a call you must press your contact and open the chat, in the top menu a green button will appear with a phone as an icon and a camera to make group video calls .
  • Once you start the call, you just have to press “share screen”, which has a mobile icon with an outward arrow as its icon. The system asks for confirmation and then a message of successful start of the function appears.

On the other hand, you must remember that when sharing your screen you must choose with whom to do it, you can add your friends to chat or share your screen with them.

What’s the reason why you can’t screen share in your Discord video calls?

There are a number of issues where you can’t share a screen on Discord . The mobile device version is somewhat different than the desktop version. This is why the screen sharing function is added in the latest updates. To avoid problems with this feature , make sure to run Discord as an administrator and if this doesn’t work, try uninstalling and installing the app again. You should make sure to follow all the steps mentioned above to share your screen on Discord.

Authorize ‘APP’ permissions in your Mobile settings

In order for Discord to have access to various phone features, such as the camera, voice, or contact list, the app must send a notification requesting permission to use phone features; you have the option to “Allow or Reject”. Make sure to allow all the permissions that the application requires for proper operation. In the same way you can change the application permissions in the configuration of your mobile.

Unstable internet

There are a number of reasons why Discord can’t connect. The first one is due to failures in the network connection or proxy settings. Being the main cause why Discord gets stuck on the RTC connection . Other causes of this are due to the problem of a dynamic IP, since your VPN can change the address of identification constantly, presenting failures in the Discord connection.

Why when you share screen your contacts do not hear your audio?

There are own functions destined to take advantage of all the characteristics of a Smartphone. One of them is that it is possible to selectively “mute” by using an icon found on the screen at the bottom. In this way, it is possible to activate and deactivate the microphone during the call. This is useful whenever we want our video call to have specific sounds. Possibly, if you have audio problems it is because you have not activated it correctly, therefore your contacts will not be able to hear you.

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