How To Separate control of the audio in MIUI 12

MIUI 12 hides one of the best functions of the customization layer: the simultaneous and separate control of the volume. On Android, if we are playing, for example, content on Spotify and we open a video game, everything will have the maximum volume , regulated by the system’s own volume.

In MIUI 12 we can make our Xiaomi have a specific volume value for each application while simultaneously playing audio. Thus, without going any further, you can play PUGB Mobile or your favorite game while playing Spotify music at a much lower volume so that it does not interfere with the game, let’s see how it is done.


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Separate control of the audio in MIUI 12

By default it is disabled, but this is one of the best functions of MIUI 12. By activating a simple setting we can control the volume of the apps that are playing audio . For example, the volume of notifications on the one hand, music on the other and a game on the other.

In order to activate this function we have to be updated to the latest version and perform the steps detailed below :

  • Open your Xiaomi settings
  • Go to ‘sound and vibration’
  • Click on ‘sound assistant’
  • Activate the function ‘adjust multimedia sound in various applications’

On the left you will see a small blue icon with the music icon …

… and it will open the volume controls.

Once we activate this function, we can independently control the volume of each of the apps that are playing sound. To do this, you just have to click on any of the volume buttons and the small icon that will appear on the left.

When pressed, a panel will be activated with the volume controls of all the applications that are playing sound . In this way, you can control system notifications, music, games and more from the same place and simultaneously


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