How to change the MIUI icons of your Xiaomi

Today we are going to teach you how to customize your Xiaomi, specifically, the notification bar . By default, in Android we have the notification icons in this bar, also known as the status bar. These icons are monochrome in Android Stock, although many manufacturers customize them with different colors.

We are going to tell you how you can replace the MIUI 12 icons with those of Google on your Xiaomi , so that they have a more minimalist look and your status bar is even cleaner. It is a very simple process and you do not need to install anything.

Changing the icons of your Xiaomi

If you look at the status bar of your Xiaomi there are two parts. The right side has the Android icons : WiFi, data, SIM … All of them monochrome, quite clean. On the left you have all the icons of the apps that, in this case, are customized by Xiaomi.

If you notice, the system icons are monochrome, but the app icons are colored, something that is not seen in the ROMs based on Android Stock

These icons are colored and, if you are a bit of a design freak, you will see that having one side of the bar with colored icons and the other monochrome . Luckily, Xiaomi allows you to replace these icons with Android ones.

You just have to go to the Xiaomi settings and follow the path that we indicate below step by step:

  • Open your Xiaomi settings
  • Click on ‘Notifications and control center’
  • Press the ‘Status Bar’ option
  • Disable the option to ‘Use application icons in notifications’

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Ready. If we uncheck this option, Xiaomi will show the stock icons in the Material Design monochrome palette. This is a minor change, but it is a good facelift for your Xiaomi.

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