How to send videos by removing the sound in WhatsApp

In one of the latest WhatsApp updates you can already remove the sound from the videos you send to your contacts , a detail that is less curious and what causes the recipient of that video to receive it muted and thus be able to listen to it without sound, which it is very useful.

Useful because the contact will be able to reproduce it without fear that it will be heard very loud because it is really muted and then he can turn up the volume if he so decides, but it is a good way not to see yourself in a compromising situation when you are with more people and want to see it .

Keep in mind that you can only silence the videos in WhatsApp for Android , the option does not appear in WhatsApp for iOS at the moment, but it will surely do so soon in a new update, this type of situation is very common.

It is very easy to send the videos without sound by WhatsApp, these are the steps to follow to activate this possibility, also applicable on iOS as soon as it is available:

  • Open the conversation of the person to whom you are going to send a video and click on the clip icon to send an attachment, in this case it would be the video and you must select gallery.
  • Choose the video to send and before sending it, the editor opens to edit it, notice that just below a small icon of a speaker or speaker appears , all you have to do is press it and the video will be sent muted, from there you can send it.

If you want before, you can edit the video by adding some kind of emoji, text or whatever you want, that does not change, only now you can send it with silence activated.

You already had this functionality of silencing videos when sending for a few days because it was when WhatsApp had implemented it in its beta version, but not in the stable version and that is precisely what has happened, that some of the latest updates have been added without that we realized.

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