How to send videos without losing quality on WhatsApp

If you wonder how to send videos without losing quality by WhatsApp you are in the right place, because sometimes we need to use the messaging platform to send some content, but we need it to arrive in the best possible conditions and with the regular method it always loses compression and not It looks perfect.

In a native way, WhatsApp has the task of compressing the videos to a lower quality than the one it originally has , in order to send them faster and not affect the data rates of the users, which results in low-quality content and that it cannot be used for anything other than reproducing it within the application itself.

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Send content in its original format by WhatsApp

The best way to get that content to arrive in the highest possible quality is to use a little trick that is within the application itself and is very easy to use, so we will tell you step by step how to achieve it.

The procedure is about sending videos as attachments , that will allow you to use the chat to transfer content in its original quality and you can skip the compression step, so that later you can use that video however you want.

It is important that you know that by performing this procedure, you will not have the possibility to edit or cut the video in the WhatsApp tool since it will be sent as an attachment and the other person will receive it as you had it in origin, it will not be possible either play it directly from the conversation.

In order to view the content, the person must download the file and then play it with the native application of the phone to view photos and videos , you can also export it to Google Drive or any cloud service that is used.

Now the steps to get this procedure:

  • You must have the video previously stored on your mobile , either because you downloaded it or recorded it with your own camera.
  • Then enter the WhatsApp application and then go to the chat where you want to send the video.
  • Identify the option to share inside the WhatsApp writing box , you can find it in the button shaped like a clip.
  • By clicking on this menu, you will find the different options available for sharing, from photos, videos, location, contacts, camera to take photos and videos directly, but the alternative that interests us is the Document , which will allow us to send the file in its original format.
  • By selecting that option, you will see that your file explorer will appear and you have access to all your folders and files, go to the location of the video you want to share , once you find it you just have to select it.
  • In some cases you may need to click on an additional option called “other files” which is what will give you access to the folders to find the content you want to share.
  • Now, the application will display a window to confirm that this is the file you want to share and you must accept. At this time you just have to click on the Send option and the transfer process will then begin.

It is important that you verify that the file is being shared with the correct person , it is also advisable to use a WiFi network to send these types of files since they can be quite heavy and consume a high amount of mobile data.

Also remember that you will not be able to edit the video with the messaging app and whoever receives it will not have the opportunity to play the video directly, but will have to use an additional app for it.

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