How to send a message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp

Nowadays, it is strange that someone who uses a smartphone does not have one of the most popular social networks or messaging with the most user downloaded on it . And of course WhatsApp should not be missing , the application that has many excellent functions so that you can communicate.

But you may run into a problem when you want to send a message or share a media file with multiple contacts at the same time. And here we will show you how to send the same WhatsApp message to several contacts or people.

You may be thinking of using the option to send messages to groups, but you must remember that this function brings together contacts from the same area. As it can be from your family group, from work or from the condominium board. But it may be that the messages you have to send contain people from different groups and others who do not belong to any group.

Then the question arises what to do? Well, worry no more, since WhatsApp has among its functions, one that will help you do exactly what you want. And for you to know it, it is necessary that you read this article to the end and find out the steps you must follow to send the same message to several contacts.


  • How to send a message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp with the broadcast list
  • How to use the broadcast list on WhatsApp

How to send a message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp with the broadcast list

WhatsApp has excellent functions such as knowing who listened to my audios , but this one in particular allows you to send the same message to several contacts at once. And for this you must make use of the so-called distribution list and if you do not know how to create it or how it works, we will tell you right away what you should do.

Before using this function you must create it and to do this you must follow these steps, to begin you must enter the WhatsApp application from your mobile. The next step is to click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. When pressing, a menu of options will be displayed and from which we must select “New diffusion”.

This action will display all your contacts on the screen and then you must select those you want to receive your message. And to finish you must click on the green icon that will be displayed in the lower right corner.

It is important to note that by this means, you can not only send text messages , you can also send voice notes , videos, photos, Stickers, Emojis. Or any other type of files, so don’t limit yourself when using it.

How to use the broadcast list on WhatsApp

You have already created the distribution list with the number of contacts that you selected and when you send the message a special chat will be created. And if you want to resend something through this chat, you can do it and each and every one of your contacts will receive a private message. This without knowing that they are part of a broadcast list.

In the event that you do not want to use the broadcast list, you can use another option that will allow you to send messages to various contacts on WhatsApp . That can also work perfectly and for this you must first send the message to one of your contacts. Then enter the chat and select the message you just sent.


Press until different icons are displayed at the top, in your case, press the forwarding icon and it will take you to the list of your contacts. You select all the contacts you want and when you finish select it, click on the send icon . And voila, your message has been sent at once to all your contacts.

As you can see, we have shown you two different ways to carry out an operation that seemed impossible and as simple as entering or joining a group from which you were eliminated. And now you met a function that you can teach your friends so that they can send the same WhatsApp message to several contacts at the same time.


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