How to send message to non-added WhatsApp numbers?

The WhatsApp messaging service has certain restrictions regarding contacts that you do not have added to your agenda, likewise with contacts that do not have you added to their friends, all this is to improve the quality of privacy within WhatsApp.

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  1. What to do to find out if an unadded number has WhatsApp?
  2. How are messages sent to a number not added in WhatsApp?
    1. From the website
    2. On your Android or iOS cell phone
  3. How to send WhatsApp group invitation to a number not added?

What to do to find out if an unadded number has WhatsApp?

By not having a number added to WhatsApp, that is, it does not belong to your contact list to be processed by WhatsApp, you will not be able to go to it or see its information , unless there is a previous conversation or this contact has been sent without registration by another person through a message.

WhatsApp works with existing contacts in the phone book and not added that are included in your WhatsApp groups or with which you have had a conversation, so there are really few ways to create a conversation with a person who is not registered in your WhatsApp.

How are messages sent to a number not added in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, it is necessary to have a contact added to be able to send him a message if he does not have a previous conversation with you or does not belong to a WhatsApp group where you are also, these are the only ways to be able to have contact with them without having them between your WhatsApp contacts.

However, you can search for Internet sites that offer the option of creating a conversation with those that you do not have added, some pages offer these services and others recommend applications to carry out this process.

From the website

If you want to send a message to a number that you do not have added among your contacts, to avoid adding it you can use a special link to send a message to that number, to do so you must add the phone number with the corresponding country prefix without adding the ‘ + ‘at the end of the link.

When you do this and continue within the web page (using Chrome), you will see that a tab will open with the phone number in question and a button that will allow you to start a new conversation, so there will be no need for it to be among your contacts.

If you decide to do this with more than one phone number that is not in your WhatsApp aggregates, it is advisable to save the link in notes or in a space where you can paste it and copy it when its use is necessary again.

On your Android or iOS cell phone

To send a message to a number that has not been added and with which there has been no previous conversation or form of writing to it from a group, open your browser and in it write: ‘ ‘by adding the phone number in question at the end and selecting’ search ‘, choose to process this from WhatsApp.

When sending a message using this method, you will have a conversation created in your chat list, therefore, you will not have to repeat that operation every time you want to send a message to that unregistered number.

Depending on the privacy settings that person has, you may not be able to see their profile photo and information, unless you add them to your contacts . The status display will also not be available if the registration in contacts is not done mutually, that is, you schedule that person and that person to you.

In case your mobile has problems with the option to add contacts or you do not have this option available due to an error in the application, this is a good alternative that you can use to have those people available to chat, but you will not be able to access others options available in WhatsApp such as viewing status or profile information.

How to send WhatsApp group invitation to a number not added?

In the same way that the link is used to write to non-added numbers, you can use it to send an invitation for that person to join a WhatsApp group chat , to do this, carry out the same procedure of the link and the number and at open the chat tab, send the link.

Another option can be to search for a contact within a group, since the contact is available in the list of members, it is not necessary to register it to be able to send a message , so you can open a chat with that person and paste the invitation link that previously It must be copied from the group and sent, that person will receive the link and can enter the chat.

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