How to send the link of a Facebook room to your WhatsApp contacts?

The Facebook platform, in addition to its application, has several products on the market to satisfy the tastes of all people. Each has eye-catching, practical features that can be linked together to create satisfying experiences. If you are testing the Facebook Room feature and want to share your link on WhatsApp , we will explain what to do.

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  1. How to create a Facebook room from WhatsApp according to the device used?
    1. Application for desktop and WhatsApp Web
    2. On an Android mobile
    3. From your iPhone
  2. How to send the link of a Facebook room to your WhatsApp contacts?

How to create a Facebook room from WhatsApp according to the device used?

Platforms like Zoom are becoming more popular every day for their ability to connect several people in a meeting. That’s why Facebook products are enabling video calling to connect people in more informal and intimate meetings.

One of the innovations that the company launched is the Sala or Messenger Rooms . It can connect up to 5 dozen people for text or video calls. If you want to use this room you can do it as a host or as a guest.

As the creator of a room, you should know that in order to activate and invite others, you must have an account on Facebook, WhatsApp and have the Messenger Application . Since these are the tools that will allow you to put the creation of the room into operation.

Application for desktop and WhatsApp Web

In general, people use their applications on different devices, for example, if you use WhatsApp Web or desktop version and want to send an invitation link to one of your contacts, you just have to do the following: in your conversations session look for the three points to create the room and then press go to Messenger. Being inside the session you will also have to create a room and assign a name to it.

On an Android mobile

If you are using an Android and you want to perform this procedure, you must go to the calls section and create a room. If the application asks you, you have to press Go to Messenger. To do this you must be sure that you have the most recent updates and that the session is open from Facebook in order to continue with the process.

Then, you must tap on Test and Create Room. At this point you can make some customizations in the rooms such as assigning a name to the room. This will distinguish it from other groups that you have as an administrator or guest, which will make it easier for you to locate it.

You can also add a description about the purpose of the room or about the people who make it up. This detail can provide a warm and attractive atmosphere to the people who join and motivate them to stay in it.

From your iPhone

If you are one of the iPhone lovers and you want to have a room to make video calls where you can gather your friends or family, you can do it by following the previous steps or you can locate the conversation of a group. Something important that you must take into account is that in WhatsApp to be able to activate this option, preferably the room, it must have at least 5 members.

Then, being in the conversation, click on group call and create the room . Then, the steps are the same, you must click on Go to Messenger, create the room and make all the customizations you want and that adapt to the group you want to summon to join you.

How to send the link of a Facebook room to your WhatsApp contacts?

Since Facebook has a variety of products on the market that are intertwined with each other, it allows you to use information from one and pass it on to the other. This benefits everyone, because if you are a user, these advantages will motivate you to stay within the applications and to learn more and more about the benefits you can get out of it.

However, this is not a simple altruistic action of the creators, because the more users they attract and stay with them, the more profits they will receive. If you want to send the link to a contact , you can do so by entering the room from Facebook and at the bottom locate the link symbol.

This will open a window that will show you all the sites where you can share the invitation, including WhatsApp Business, but the usual WhatsApp will not be there . So what you can do is click on copy link and go to your WhatsApp application and share it through a message to your contacts.

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