How to send a Google form by email to my contacts?

Google is the leading company in cybernetic technologies, since it is the owner of almost all the programs and browsers that we use frequently, in addition to this it also owns great services such as Gmail and Google Forms . The latter is used to create surveys through forms for free , in turn, you can also manage the answers and the analysis of them. Now, in order to send these forms via email to your contacts, you must follow the steps that we will be indicating below.

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  1. How to share a Google Forms form?
    1. Via email
    2. Send it through social networks
    3. Embed form on a website or blog
  2. How to get the link of my form to share it by email?
  3. How do I send my form responses by email?

How to share a Google Forms form?

As already explained in the introduction, the Google Forms web service is a tool that helps you generate surveys, and you can even send invitations to events through it. Very well, in order to send these forms, you must first enter the Google Forms page, then you must generate the form you want to send.

After you have made the form with the images and answers of the same, you must go to the upper right and you will be located in the send option . Later, you must follow the steps that I will describe below:

Via email

If you want to send this form through an email, you must go to the send option and select the option that is identified with a letter envelope . Next, you will proceed to write the emails where you are going to send the form. Later, you must write the body of the message, once you have written the message, you must press the option that says include the form in the message, then you click send, in this way, the form will be sent to the people you want to send it to. fill in

Send it through social networks

To submit the form through your social networks, you simply need to go to the social network options, which are located after the HTML option . Here you can see that two social networks appear, which is Facebook and Twitter, so you only have to click on one of these and it will take you directly to the social network page so that you can share your form.

Embed form on a website or blog

Now, to be able to insert this form in a web page, you will really locate yourself next to the link option, which is identified with 3 letters that are HTML .  Once you have identified this option, you simply have to copy the link. Next, you must paste it in the HTML of the web page and paste it there, in this way, the people who enter your web page, will be able to fill out the form.

On the other hand, when you have finished sharing your form with your contacts and you have too many tabs open in your Google browser. You can close all the tabs, by means of shortcuts directly from the keyboard , in this way, you will not have to be closing all the tabs one by one.

How to get the link of my form to share it by email?

To get the link to your Google Form, you need to go to the option next to where you entered the email , which gives you the URL of the form. At the same time, it gives you the option to shorten the URL in this way so that the link is not long and generate more confidence in your audience.

In addition, this link can also be shared on your social networks , because as we saw directly from Google, it is only allowed to share with two social networks, so once you have obtained your link you can send it to both email and social networks.

How do I send my form responses by email?

To send the answers of the forms of Google Forms, by email, you simply have to enter the Google Forms page and go to the form you want to send. Once inside the form; You must locate yourself in the three points that appear next to the option to send, and later you will give it the option of complements , after that you must search in the search bar for the complement called Email Notifications for Google Forms.

When the search options appear, you must press the first option , then you must click where it says install, then we click on continue, then we are going to choose a Google account; When you have already selected the account, you click on continue.

After this, you will get a pop-up window where you will proceed to click next, then ready, later you will proceed to close the window and refresh the page, then when the page loads we go to the option of complements .

Once here, we must click on the first option that appears, that is, in  Email Notifications for Google Forms , then you must click on the first option that appears in the pop-up window. Later, another window will appear, in which you must place the name of the form in the first option, in the second option you will proceed to place the email where the responses will be sent.

After you have written the addresses, you must lower the cursor to the end of the window, and click on Smooth Rule , we wait for it to load and proceed to do a test to see if it works, and if we receive the answer to our mail, it means that everything is fine.

Finally, it is also important that if you work for a marketing company or want to know the opinions of your collaborators, but you cannot meet with them directly , you can make a  video call through Google Meet, in this way you will be able to know what your collaborators think without be close to them.


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