How to Select All Highlighted Text in Word or Google Docs Easily?

Selecting all the highlighted text in Word or Google Docs is a very useful option when you only want to copy or obtain a part of the text and not all of it. It is as useful as creating a macro Word document. Both allow, as if it were paper, to highlight with different colors that section of text that catches your attention the most. So differentiate it from the rest of the text.

Sometimes it happens that you want to select only the highlighted text of a document. This can be done manually using the mouse, which is not very difficult. However, if it is a very long writing, this task becomes quite tedious.

Select all highlighted text in Word or Google Docs

Word and Google Docs are tools that have the option to highlight the text in different colors. Just as you would with a highlighter on a sheet of paper. This is a way to delimit those areas of the document that are most important or that attract your attention.

What if you want to select highlighted text in a document and it is separated by paragraphs without highlighting? One way is to do it with the mouse, shading those highlighted paragraphs that interest you the most while holding down the “Ctrl” key .

But this option is not functional at all if it is a very long text. In addition, if for any reason it happens that you stop pressing the “Ctrl” key , you will lose all the selection work done. So this way of doing it is neither the most comfortable, nor the most reliable.

However, there is a much faster and more efficient way to select all the highlighted text in Word or Google Docs that many people don’t know about. This will make it easier for you to select the text in question so that you can copy it into another document or use it in another program.

Steps to select all highlighted text in Word or Google Docs

Open a Word document without risk of being infected by a virus if you received it in the mail. Although, you can also choose one that is already done on the computer.

If you want to select all the highlighted text in Word or Google Docs automatically, you must press the “Ctrl + H” keys at the same time . This will open a dialog box called “Find and Replace.” In it you must click on the ” Search ” section.

In the lower left corner of this dialog box is the option ” More “, click there to see more search options. In the new options that you will see, locate the ” Format ” section and click on it. A pop-up menu will appear where you must select the ” Highlight ” section.

In this way, the “ Highlight ” format will be reflected in the search bar. After this you must click on the ” Search in” button and, in the pop-up menu, choose the ” Main document ” option .

A message will appear indicating how many elements that match this format have been selected. Then close the conceptual menu by pressing the ” Esc ” key and in turn, click on the X to close the dialog box. Now you can notice that all the highlighted text has been selected in Word or Google Docs automatically.

Use selected text in another document


If you want to use the highlighted text in another Word document or make it easier to remove or delete hyperlinks in Word documents , just copy the entire selection. This can be done by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the ” Copy ” option from the context menu, or by pressing the “Ctrl + C” keys .

To open a new Word document you must go to the ” File ” section found in the menu located at the top of the screen. There, look for the option ” New ” and select it. Then press the option “Blank Document” to open a new Word document. When you see it on the screen, press the “Ctrl + V” keys and all the selected text will be copied.


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