How to see the statistics of your Telegram channel

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging applications that is giving its all to be better every day. In addition, the Telegram platform has become very functional for many users due to the wide variety of tools it has, from sending messages, making calls, sending high-quality files to the option of being able to create groups and channels.

Likewise, users who have a channel created on the Telegram platform will be able to have direct access to the statistics of their channel and thus verify the growth that it has had in the different areas. However, if you still don’t know how to see these statistics of your channel, then stay in this article and you will learn how to see them.

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  1. Is it important to know the statistics of your Telegram account?
  2. What are the statistics that can be seen on Telegram channels?
    1. Weekly report
    2. channel growth
    4. Notifications
    5. traffic sources
    6. Sources of followers
    7. language graph
    8. Interactions
  3. Where can you see all the statistics of a channel on Telegram?
    1. with Android
    2. From iOS
    3. On the website

Is it important to know the statistics of your Telegram account?

From the moment you decide to create a channel on Telegram , it will be very necessary for you to be able to know what its development is. In addition, it is important to know if the followers who are subscribed to your channel are interested or not in what you publish on it and that is why Telegram offers you all this information through graphs with a very detailed summary.

Likewise, in these graphs you will know how many users subscribe to the channel and who leave the channel, apart from that you will be able to verify whether or not they share the posts you publish in it. In short, you will know a lot of information that will improve the negative aspects of your channel.

What are the statistics that can be seen on Telegram channels?

When creating a channel in Telegram , we will be able to keep a detailed control over its progress through the statistics that Telegram allows us to know. Likewise, there are various statistics that we can observe from a Telegram channel and if you still do not know them, we will present them here.

Weekly report

In the weekly report statistics, you can have a complete analysis of all the activity that the channel had during the week that has elapsed, sorting it in column form to show the results in a more orderly way. In addition, in the data that we will see, we will find the number of followers that are active, those that were added and those that left the channel. Likewise, we can see other types of general information with the activity carried out.

channel growth

Telegram offers us a statistic of the growth that the channel has had where we will see the growth of the channel by date. In addition, the results reflected will be the total number of followers who have joined the channel and in this way it is possible to verify whether or not the channel has grown with the community.


It is a very specific graph of channel followers where you can see the followers that were added as well as the followers that left per day, that is, the information by date will be very specific.


The notification statistic is very similar to the follower statistic, but even so, it has the muted and unmuted option, that is, you can see which follower is muting or not the channel’s notifications. Apart from this information, we will be able to find other information that will be of great help to know what the followers of the channel like and what they do not like.

traffic sources

This is another of the statistics that will be very useful to know when having a channel, since it will offer us detailed information on the traffic of the followers. That is to say, we will be able to know at what time they are active within the channel and what days they are, in this way we can balance information for those days and hours in which it can be published.

Sources of followers

It is a graph that allows us to know by means of which the followers knew and entered the channel that we have. Likewise, through this information we will know if what we publish on our channel is interesting.

language graph

In the language graph, we can see the language that the followers are using within the channel and the one they have configured on the Telegram platform.


In this we will have detailed information about the interaction that the followers have had with the posts that we have sent in the channel, that is, if they have shared it or have forwarded it to other users.

Where can you see all the statistics of a channel on Telegram?

We have learned to know how valuable it is to see the graphs of the channel that we have in Telegram and in this way to be able to see the general growth of our channel and the deficiencies that it has to be able to improve them. However, if you still do not know how to find this information on the device you are using it or even on the website, then you will have to do a very simple procedure to know this information about your channel.

with Android

  1. Enter the Telegram application in the most recent update .
  2. Then we must enter the channel that we have and in which we are administrators where we will press on the header, that is, on the name of the channel.
  3. Then, we will have to press on the three horizontal points and we will have to select the “Statistics” option, which is where we will see everything related to our channel in terms of its development.

From iOS

  1. Enter the Telegram mobile application .
  2. Then enter the channel.
  3. Now click on the name of the channel.
  4. Then, press on the three horizontal points that are on the right of the screen.
  5. Click on the “Statistics” option in which we will see all the graphs with the information we want to know about our channel.

On the website

  1. Go to the official Telegram website and log in to your Telegram account.
  2. Next, find and sign in to the channel you’re an admin of.
  3. Next, enter the channel name.
  4. Now in the three horizontal points, in which you will enter the “Statistics” option and there you will be able to verify the development of the channel.

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