How To See Someone’s Location on Whatsapp

How To See Someone’s Location on Whatsapp.The application known as WhatsApp is clearly one of the most popular and used worldwide in terms of instant messaging. The Meta application is based on offering its more than 2 million users around the world the possibility of keeping in touch in real time through its different functions such as messaging, voice calls and video calls.

How To See Someone's Location on Whatsapp

One of the most important tools of this application is to be able to share the location with other people , this being of great help to its users as there are times when it is necessary to share the location, either for a meeting with friends or family, to make a delivery or to locate a specific area. However, there are people who do not know the correct ways to send a location via WhatsApp, stay here and learn the correct ways to use this tool.

How To See Someone’s Location on Whatsapp.

How To See Someone's Location on Whatsapp

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  1. What are the different geolocation methods that WhatsApp has?
    1. Send current location
    2. Real-time location transmission
  2. How can I know the location of a contact with whom I chat on WhatsApp?
  3. How can I share my location with a WhatsApp contact?
    1. From the WhatsApp app
    2. With Google Maps
  4. What is the procedure to share my real-time location on WhatsApp?

What are the different geolocation methods that WhatsApp has?

The WhatsApp application is mainly known for its instant messaging, voice calls and also video calls. But this application not only has these functions, but also has different tools so that its users have an excellent experience when using it, tools such as sharing documents, images, videos, voice audio, contacts and of course the option to share The ubication.

For users of the WhatsApp application, it is essential to have tools to be able to locate oneself geologically and share the location, since it is very useful in various situations that arise in people’s daily lives. WhatsApp has the function of sharing the location, but this can be used using different methods, these are.

Send current location

The option to send the current location in WhatsApp is known as the most traditional option, this tool is important for the users of the application because it allows them to share the exact location with other people , at the moment it is sent. By using this method, you can send the exact location you are in to the other person, or also send a different location on the map.

Real-time location transmission

Real-time location is a new method implemented by WhatsApp, which had been longed for by its users, and has finally arrived in the application. This method allows users to be able to share their location in real time to a person through an individual chat or also to a group chat for a certain time. The time that the other person can know the location in real time through the map can be controlled by the person who sends it, and the location can also be activated or deactivated at a time that is necessary, so that they no longer have access to the location. location sent.

How can I know the location of a contact with whom I chat on WhatsApp?

Currently, the WhatsApp application does not have a function or tool that allows its users to know the location of a person with whom they have a chat without previously sending it voluntarily. It is due to this, that if you want to know the location where a person is, the best option is to ask if they can share their location through WhatsApp, of course, as long as it is shared with their consent.

How can I share my location with a WhatsApp contact?

Now that the methods with which it is possible to locate oneself through the WhatsApp application are known , it is not enough just to know what they are, it is also important to know how to use these methods. So, in case you don’t know how to share your location with an individual or group chat through WhatsApp, then you can learn how to do it correctly either from the WhatsApp application or directly from Google Maps.

From the WhatsApp app

Sending the location through the WhatsApp app is a very simple process, mainly you must locate the icon of a clip or hook, located on the left side of the writing section, click on this icon to display the available options, there you will see you will see a map icon with the location name.

Next, click on this icon to find the map and the location in which you are at that moment indicated by a blue dot, different options will appear to share the location, all that remains is to click on the option to send current location . And the location would already be sent.

With Google Maps

Location sharing using Google Maps isn’t usually people’s first choice, but it is possible. For this, you must enter the Google Maps application, once inside, you can see the current location through a blue point, to send this location, click on this point, some options will appear, including sharing location, click on it and the different media to which it can be shared will appear.

What is the procedure to share my real-time location on WhatsApp?

To share the real location through WhatsApp , the procedure of sending the normal location is repeated almost exactly, the difference is that this procedure has different steps at the end. The steps to follow are those.

First, enter the WhatsApp chat with which you want to share the location in real time, then locate the icon in the form of a clip or hook (which represents the option to attach) to the left side of the writing section, click on it to display available sharing options .

Now click on the location option, you can see the normal location option and the real-time location option, select the second one and determine how long it will be available for the other person. And voila, it will have been shared successfully.

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