How to send location on Whatsapp

Together with your friends, you plan to spend an evening full of music, attending an outdoor festival. Unfortunately, however, due to some unforeseen events and the large number of participants in the event, you and your group were unable to find each other in the place set for the appointment. Some have fallen behind and you therefore need to find a solution that allows them to reach you, in case you need to move. Considering the circumstances, you have well thought of taking advantage of the possibility of sending the position on WhatsApp , but having never done so you are not sure where to put your hands.

How do you say? This is exactly how things are and would you like to know if I can help you solve this little inconvenience? Of course, you don’t have to worry at all. Contrary to what you may think, you must know that sharing the geographical location on WhatsApp is actually a real breeze and I’m sure that you too, after consulting this tutorial, will be of the same opinion. In fact, I am going to explain to you in detail the procedure to be performed to perform the aforementioned operation, both from Android and from iPhone, as well as from a computer.

In short, can you know what are you waiting for? Take a few minutes of free time, keep the device with which you want to do everything under hand and carefully follow my instructions. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! So I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun with your friends!


  • How to send location on WhatsApp: Android
  • How to send location on WhatsApp: iPhone
  • How to send location from WhatsApp Web
  • How to send location on WhatsApp: computer
  • How to send the wrong location on WhatsApp

How to send location on WhatsApp: Android

Do you have an Android smartphone and would like to understand how to send the position on WhatsApp ? Then you must first worry about enabling Location Services on your device. To do this, grab your phone, unlock it, access the home screen and / or drawer and select the Settings icon (the one in the shape of a gear wheel ).

In the new screen that you now see, select the item relating to security and privacy and / or the one relating to geolocation , then turn  the lever to ON to enable the GPS module . Alternatively, you can activate geolocation by acting through the control center , which is accessible with a swipe from the top to the bottom of the screen, by pressing the Position or Geolocation button   attached to it.

After completing the above steps, go back to the main Android settings screen, select the wording relating to application management  , then tap on the WhatsApp entry   from the proposed list, then on the entry relating to permissions and turn ON the switch that you find next to the words Location or Geolocation .

Now, you can finally proceed with sharing your location on WhatsApp. So, start the WhatsApp app by selecting its icon (the one with the speech bubble and the white telephone handset on a green background ) on the home screen and / or in the Android drawer, select the Chat tab of the application and tap on the conversation of your interest or start a new one by pressing the icon with the balloon at the top right and selecting the name of the contact or group from the proposed list.

In the conversation screen that is now shown to you, press the paper clip icon located at the bottom right and choose the word Location  from the menu that opens. Then, select the Send your current location option   to share your current location. Alternatively, you can select the place where you are from the proposed list or you can search for it using the text field located at the top of the screen.

You can also decide to share your location in real time for a specific amount of time. To do this, select the Real-time location option from the menu above, specify the duration of the location sharing and tap the button with the symbol of a  paper airplane  to proceed with sending.

Keep in mind that the shared position in real time is updated automatically and is visible through the map that appears in the chat, with which the other participants in the conversation can interface. The sharing of the position will end automatically after the previously established time frame, but if you wish you can stop it even earlier by tapping the Stop sharing button located within the conversation.

How to send location on WhatsApp: iPhone

Are you using an  iPhone ? Even in this case, in order to send the GPS position on WhatsApp you must first of all worry about enabling the use of location for the app. To do this, grab the “iPhone by” unlock it, access the home screen and / or the app Library and select the Settings icon (the one in the shape of a gear wheel ).

In the screen that you now see, touch the Privacy item , then on the wording  Location  and move  the lever that you find next to the wording Location to  ON . For more details, see my specific guide on how to activate iPhone location .

At this point, tap on the WhatsApp item that you find a little further down, in the list of apps for which you can manage location services, and choose the option While using the app or the Always one , depending on your needs and preferences. If you then want to make WhatsApp use your exact location, also turn ON the switch that you find under Exact location .

After doing the above steps, you can finally get to the actual action. So, start the WhatsApp app by selecting the relevant icon (the one with the speech bubble and the white telephone handset on a green background ) that you find on the home screen and / or in the iOS App Library, go to the Chat section of the application by touching the item present at the bottom and select the reference conversation or start a new one by pressing the icon with the sheet and pencil at the top right and selecting the name of the contact or group of your interest.

In the chat screen that you now see, press on the  (+) , located at the bottom left and tap on the word Position  from the menu that opens. Next, hit the Send Your Current Location button  to share your current location. Alternatively, select the place corresponding to the one you are in from the proposed list or find it via the search bar located at the top.

Instead, if you want to share your position in real time for a specific period of time, touch the word Position in real time , decide how long to share the position through the menu that appears and tap the button with the symbol of a  paper plane  to confirm the sending operation.

The position sent will update automatically and, in case of movement, it will be visible in the shared map in chat, with which the participants can interact with it. Sharing will be active until the end of the time period you set, but if necessary you can stop it at any time by pressing the Stop sharing button  twice in a row.

How to send location from WhatsApp Web

Now let’s see how to send the location of a place on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web . Unfortunately, in this case a special function is not available as expected on smartphones, but it is still possible to succeed in the enterprise by putting into practice a little trick which consists in detecting the position currently occupied through Google Maps (or another map service, if you prefer. ) and share everything later on WhatsApp.

So, first of all connect to WhatsApp Web, opening the browser you generally use on your computer (eg Chrome ) and going to the home page of the service . If this is your first time logging into WhatsApp Web, you will be prompted to scan the appropriate QR code shown on the screen in order to connect your computer to your WhatsApp account. To do this, start WhatsApp on your phone, go to the Connected devices section and press the Connect a device button . Then scan the QR code with your smartphone’s camera and that’s it. For the walkthrough, I’ll leave you to my guide onhow to connect WhatsApp to PC .

Now you view the Web WhatsApp screen, select the conversation in which you want to share your location from the list that you find on the left or avviane a new pressing the icon of the comic which is located at the top and selecting the name of the contact or the target group.

Now, open a new browser tab and go to the Google Maps home page , then click on the icon with the crosshair located at the bottom right, in order to allow the service to identify your current geographical position. If in doing so you see a warning appear asking you if you intend to allow the browser to use your location , you agree.

At this point, click on the blue indicator on the map indicating the location you are currently in, click on the name of the place that appears in the box below, click on the Share button in the sidebar that has opened and click on the wording Copy link to copy to the clipboard the link relating to the position in which you are that was generated and which, when clicked, refers to the map of the selected geographical position.

Subsequently, open the WhatsApp Web tab again in the browser window, paste the previously copied Google Maps link into the text field at the bottom of the open conversation, right-clicking the mouse and choosing Paste from the context menu or using the key combination Ctrl + V (on Windows) or cmd + v (on macOS), and proceed with sending in chat by pressing the button with the paper airplane  on the right. Et voila !

Alternatively, you can send geographic coordinates on WhatsApp . To obtain them, right-click on the blue indicator relating to your position on Google Maps and select them from the context menu that appears to copy them to the clipboard, then paste them and send them in the conversation on WhatsApp proceeding as I have indicated above. Those who receive them will then have to enter them personally on Google Maps to know your position on the map. For more information, you can read my guide on how to send your position with Google Maps .

How to send location on WhatsApp: computer

If you are in the habit of using WhatsApp from a computer through the official client for Windows and macOS and if you are wondering how to send the position through the famous messaging service, I inform you that unfortunately, even in this case a special function is not available.

By virtue of this, however, you can implement the same procedure already seen in the previous step relating to WhatsApp Web to send the position on WhatsApp via Google Maps. The steps to take are the same, absolutely nothing changes.

How to send the wrong location on WhatsApp

Would you like to understand if there is a way to send the false position on WhatsApp  to the contacts in chat, in such a way as to share a different one from the one actually occupied at the moment? The answer is yes.

It is not exactly the best of fairness, mind you, but it can certainly be the best solution to get out of any uncomfortable situations without problems. To find out how to do this, just consult my guide specifically dedicated to how to send a different position with WhatsApp .


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