How to save on Amazon: join Prime Day 2021

Want to experience Amazon Prime Day to the fullest? Find out how with our tips!Amazon Prime Day is underway , two days of  convenient online shopping – Check out some tips on discounted products available on October 13 and 14, 2021 on Day has arrived for all Prime subscribers: this means shopping at discounted prices on thousands of products on .

If you are not a Prime member, you still have time to sign up… even for free! Read on to find out more.

  1. Where Prime Day takes place
  2. Prime Day 2020: how it works and how to benefit from it
    1. Tip # 1 – Sign up for Prime
    2. Tip # 2 – Download the app and turn on notifications
    3. Tip # 3 – Check out the offers included in Prime Day

Where Prime Day takes place

The Prime Day of 13 and 14 October takes place exclusively on the Amazon site and is reserved for writings to Prime:


Prime Day 2021: how it works and how to benefit from it

Tips and tricks to make the most of Amazon Prime Day!

Tip # 1 – Sign up for Prime

If you have already shopped on Amazon, you will know that – separate free membership – you don’t need to pay anything other than the purchased goods. But Amazon does offer a subscription called Prime which allows its subscribers to receive a ton of benefits.

We list some of the benefits that Prime offers below, but for a complete overview we recommend reading our dedicated article: Amazon Prime benefits .

  • Access to Prime Day offers
  • Shipping in 1 day at no additional cost
  • Access to Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform for watching movies and TV series
  • Access to Prime Music to listen to over 2 million songs, and hundreds of ad-free playlists.
  • Access to Prime Reading to read hundreds of Kindle eBooks
  • Exclusive in-game content for Twitch Prime
  • Early access to Flash Deals
  • Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos

If you are already a subscriber you can move on to the next advice, otherwise we recommend that you proceed immediately to register for Prime. If you’ve never tried the service and don’t feel like paying right away, know that you can try Prime for free for 30 DAYS (during which you can take advantage of all the benefits) and if you are a university student the free days go up to 90 with Prime Student .



Tip # 2 – Download the app and turn on notifications

Is there anything in particular you would like to buy? Monitor the status of the offer in order to proceed with the purchase as soon as the price drops thanks to Prime Day. To do this, the best thing is to download the Amazon app for free ( iOS – Android ) and activate push notifications:

  1. Download the Amazon app
  2. Open it and visit the product sheet of your interest
  3. Tap on “follow this offer” to receive product notifications

Tip # 3 – Check out the offers included in Prime Day

What are the offers included on Prime Day? Finding out is very easy: just check if the PRIME DAY OFFER badge is on the product sheet. Discover here the Prime Day 2020 offers unveiled by Amazon.As you can see, our tips are few and above all simple to follow… so we just have to wish you good shopping!

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