How to save battery on your Xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi mobile there are certain actions that you can apply to try to save battery , something you can do anytime you want or in those periods when you have very little battery and need to keep it because you don’t have a charger.

There are small tricks, types and even adjustments of the Xiaomi mobile system that can come in handy when the battery is low and you do not have the possibility of charging the mobile at that time, so you can keep the terminal on for as long as possible before to turn off.

You could also extend its battery so that it lasts longer without putting it to charge under normal conditions, that is, you probably like to know a series of tips to increase the time that your mobile does not need to make a next charge.

Both for one thing and the other the question is to try to save as much as possible by carrying out a series of aspects in your Xiaomi terminal, surely many of them will help you so that your mobile battery does not wear out too quickly and thus extend time to charge it again.

Turn it off at night

A mobile at rest should not use too much battery, so at night when you go to bed a good possibility is to turn it off completely. Many leave it with the do not disturb mode or without notifications and with the airplane mode activated, but this will drain the battery.

With the mobile off you will hardly see that there is a drain on the battery and in the morning you can turn it on, something that will not take more than 1 minute. As soon as you turn it on you will see that the battery has not dropped at all or very little percentage and you will have saved battery.

Activate the saving or super saving mode of your Xiaomi

In many Xiaomi mobiles you can activate the battery saving mode , which is nothing more than an option that adjusts different system parameters to prevent the battery from draining more quickly, so it can be a very good option to activate it at the moment that you want.

In this case, it is advisable to do when you have low battery power or you suspect that you are going to spend excessively, this option will help you to notice a little less spending, even if you do not expect great miracles because the battery will end up wearing out sooner or later.

The energy saving mode is adjusted from the settings / battery option. Now, there are other mobiles that also have the “super saving” mode , which is no longer an improved version, but in which you can only use the phone, SMS and little else.

Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and more if you use them

The day you leave home you will not use the WiFi, so you can deactivate it and save a minimum percentage of battery, the same happens with the NFC to make mobile payments and also with Bluetooth connectivity, a parameter to deactivate when you are at home.

If you need to use WiFi or NFC, activate them if you need it and deactivate it when you are no longer going to use them . Outside the home you can keep Bluetooth on if you have the COVID Radar app activated, but if you are at home choose to leave it off. Between one thing and another, however minimal, you could save some battery.

This is also applicable to GPS and even to the Always On Display functionality that keeps your screen on where the time is shown and some other data, parameters that you can easily disable from the settings.

Take advantage of dark mode

The dark mode can be a good resource to save battery on your Android phone, so do not hesitate to activate it if you have it available also in dark environment or when night comes will help you see better because the interface will become in black and your eyes will thank them.

Using a dark interface can scratch a small percentage on the battery , your Xiaomi terminal probably has that mode in the settings , so you can search for it and activate it automatically, so that when a certain time arrives, it will activate itself.

Avoid automatic brightness

It may seem silly, but it is better to adjust the brightness manually than automatically , although the latter option is much more comfortable because it does not require user intervention, the former does, but it does allow greater battery savings.

You could manually set it to around 50% , so that the light emitted by the screen inside is not too much and outside you can see it well. The automatic option always detects the ambient light and adjusts the brightness based on that, upwards if there is a lot of light and that is when it uses the most battery, so keeping it at an intermediate level is a good decision.

Reduces the time the screen spends on

When we use the mobile and stop using it, it takes a while until the screen turns off if we do not press the lock button, time that in the case of a Xiaomi mobile can be reduced, that is, we can configure how many seconds should pass until that goes off.

For that you have to go to settings / always active screen / lock screen / suspend and there choose to turn off the lowest option, that is, that the fewest possible seconds elapse until the screen of our Xiaomi terminal turns off by itself, so you can save money.

Use MIUI saving options

MIUI, the personalization layer of Xiaomi phones, offers an interesting tool to save battery . What this utility does is execute different small actions to optimize the battery and thus take longer to use up, something that you can execute from time to time.

You just have to enter settings / battery and performance and click on the “optimize” option for the tool to do its job, this will solve some problems that would be draining more battery than they should and will help you save for the next charge lengthens.

In a Xiaomi mobile there are many things you can do to save the maximum battery , although you will have no choice but to charge it sooner or later, but if you follow all these tips, surely at least you will have lengthened the battery a bit.


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