ESO: this is how you can find all the Skyshards in Cyrodiil

You can find Sky Shards in the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) throughout the game world. Even in the Cyrodiil PvP area. We will tell you where to look.

What are the Sky Shards? Skyshards are very useful in The Elder Scrolls Online. Because if you find them, you get an additional skill point for every three shards, which you use for your construction. So your hero will improve quickly and will be able to face the most dangerous monsters.

Skyshards can even be found in the Cyrodiil PvP area. Here you must be especially careful not to meet some enemy players. Still, the broken pieces are worth looking for.

Using maps, we will show you where to find the fragments of the sky and give you the clues to look for.

There are 15 shards per alliance area in Cyrodiil. These give you not only skill points, but achievements as well.

Here you have to look for the Sky Shards

Daggerfall Alliance in Northwest Cyrodiil

  • 1 Approach the southern parchment.
  • 2 On the Ni-Mohk cases.
  • 3 Near the flowing fire.
  • 4 Decoration of a Nordic property.
  • 5 Offering of the priory.
  • 6 About an empire in ruins.
  • 7 Hearth of the altar with the face of a goat.
  • 8 Find near the cliffs … cliffs … cliffs …
  • 9 Where a ruined Khajiit could not go.
  • 10 The crowning achievement of the bandits.
  • 11 In the midst of the clicking of the bones.
  • 12 vampires lurk where elves once lived.
  • 13 In a cave of blood red treasures.
  • 14 Surrounded by frozen mushrooms.
  • 15 Covered and buried.

Achievement: Northwest Cyrodiil Skyshard Hunter

Ebonheart Pact in Northeast Cyrodiil

  • 1 Near the scroll of the secret royal syllable.
  • 2 rope ladders hang south of Ghartok.
  • 3 Keeps the grain alive.
  • 4 Preserved by a ruined temple.
  • 5 The pride of the Arvinas.
  • 6 trees fall on Blauweg.
  • 7 Where bound spirits watch.
  • 8 Soft wings weave garments in a choir.
  • 9 A well embedded in Sedor.
  • 10 Shattered by the hand of blood.
  • 11 The buried secret of the monarch.
  • 12 Enjoy rolling through the mud.
  • 13 Fed by an amphibious host.
  • 14 Running water in the depths.
  • 15 Face to face with the faceless.

Achievement: Northeast Cyrodiil Skyshard Hunter

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Bonus: mountain peaks in northeast Cyrodiil

You can find this shard on a mountain and get an additional achievement: Sky Shard Hunter of the Mountains. The video shows you exactly where to look:

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Aldmeri domain in southern Cyrodiil

  • 1 In the sight of Mnem.
  • 2 On the rise to prophecy and twilight.
  • 3 Help found a new city.
  • 4 tooth of jone or fuck.
  • 5 A broken point points north of the tower.
  • 6 The echo of the axes in the east.
  • 7 On wooden fingers.
  • 8 Crown of a ruin between three forts.
  • 9 Where the shooters of the eight train.
  • Ten six-legged assassins walk through the cave.
  • 11 The price of black daggers.
  • 12 At the edge of the stems.
  • 13 Walk the path of shadow.
  • 14 At the end of a busy highway.
  • 15 Where bears and ogres are buried.

Achievement: Southern Cyrodiil Skyshard Hunter

You go to the places marked on the map and look for the fragment. This is a crystal that sprouts from the ground, radiating a bluish glow into the sky. Touch the fragment and it will be considered found.

Have you already found all the Skyshards in ESO?

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