How to Save a Word Document as a PDF

Microsoft is one of the most used office tools worldwide, since it has various programs that facilitate daily activities inside and outside the office, a clear example is the documents or files that are prepared in Word.

This program is a word processor that allows you to develop any project or job , being so versatile that you can even  incorporate a digital signature into Microsoft Word.

But, as every program also has its drawbacks, one of the most common problems expressed by users is that this type of file is a headache when it has to be printed; since the margins and texts move losing the format.

However, a simple solution is to convert the Word document into PDF , if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, below we will tell you with simple steps how to achieve it.

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  1. How can you convert your Word to a PDF file with the mobile app?
  2. What methods are allowed in Word to convert a file to PDF from PC?
    1. From save as
    2. export file
    3. With ‘Print as PDF’
  3. How can you convert your Google Drive ‘Document’ to a PDF file?

How can you convert your Word to a PDF file with the mobile app?

With the advent of the digital age, it is almost impossible to find people who do not have smartphones, and it is understandable, since they are used as mini computers , allowing you to create and save documents of any nature, including Word and PDF. In case you have a Word file and you need to convert it to PDF using your mobile, you can do it in the following way.

  • The first thing is to locate the file on the phone and then open it.
  • Then look for the option that says fileon your device and click.
  • You will see that a list with several items will be displayed and select the one that says print.
  • This option allows you to directly print the document, but it will also give you the option to save it as a PDF, if you look at the option under print.
  • Select it and voila the file will be saved as a PDF. 

Then you can send the document by the way you need and in case you want to read it, it is recommended that you install Adobe Acrobat on your smartphone.

What methods are allowed in Word to convert a file to PDF from PC?

Word is the word processor that is used par excellence in any office, since the program allows you to make endless configurations, such as placing a hanging indentation on a document, making it easy to customize all the files.

For this reason, it is important to protect any configuration and one way to do it is by saving the document in a PDF, to do this procedure using the computer you will have 3 options.

From save as

To convert a Word using the PC with this method, you simply have to open the document and go to the top menu by clicking on file.

list will drop down and look for the legendary “save as”  it has a floppy disk icon with a pencil. When you select it you will see that a list is displayed and several options will appear, among which PDF or XPS comes out, click on save and that’s it, the document is already in PDF.

export file

To save a PDF file using this procedure, what you must do is enter Word, then locate the “save as” item in the top menu.


Among the options that will be displayed, choose the one you want, and do the following, when you select the save mode you will notice that a window appears that asks you for the name of the file and below an option called “Type” appears when you click you will see that a list with several extensions and you simply have to select PDF and that’s it.

With ‘Print as PDF’

It is undoubtedly the simplest option to save documents in PDF, since you only have to go to the menu and select the print item, a list of options will be extended among which save as PDF.

How can you convert your Google Drive ‘Document’ to a PDF file?

Saving any document in the cloud is currently one of the means that allows many users to work from home; since they use platforms such as the Google Drive cloud  with which you can mount all the files or images you want so that other users can view it.

Ideally, the documents you back up in Drive are in PDF format, but if not, don’t despair, we’ll tell you how to convert them.

To do this, the first thing you must do is enter the cloud and search for the document, then open the file and in the upper panel look for the option that says file, then download , there you will find a list with several formats, among which is the PDF, select it and upon completion the document will be saved on your PC already converted.


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