How to restore a file in Windows?

How to reiterate a file in Windows? It has happened to many of us that we delete a file by mistake or because we sincerely believe that we will not need them. In this case it may happen that the information that is contained in the file is something important that we urgently need to recover.

If you are in that situation and you don’t know how to recover the file, don’t worry, here we will show you a couple of tricks to recover deleted files from Windows 10 . There are several ways to do it, we will indicate more than one so that you have several recovery alternatives.

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  • 1 In the trash
    • 1 With the option to undo delete
    • 2 With file history
  • 2 With OneDrive backup

In the trash

The first alternative that you should carry out is to search the recycle bin on your computer. It is important that you bear in mind that if you have the trash configured to empty automatically or you emptied it manually after deleting the document, this file is probably no longer available in the trash.

In the event that your computer’s trash has not been emptied, what you should do is enter it , click on the file you want to recover, with the right button of your mouse, click on the option to restore.

With the option to undo delete

This alternative can be used if you recently performed the deletion of the file, and you have not yet closed the session or shut down or restarted the computer, you can restore the file using the undo delete option, you must press the Ctrl + Z keys, this It will work if you deleted it recently.

Another way to do it is:

Go to the folder that contained the file.

Press the right button of your mouse in the folder, no matter the site.

Once this action is performed, several options will be displayed, select the option to undo delete .

With file history

This is one of the lesser known features of this operating system. It is normally inactive. The activation of the same you will do it in the following way:

Enter the control panel . Click on the system and security alternative. Select the file history alternative.

If you have this alternative active on your computer, what you should do is; enter the Windows file history , locate and select the folder where you stored the file, click on the Restore alternative.

With OneDrive backup

One of the advantages that Windows 10 has is to make backup copies of all the files, this is a good alternative if you want to recover a file deleted by mistake, this action is not complicated and you can do it as follows:

Enter the configuration section , select the backup option.

Click on the alternative to make backup copies, click on the option to open OneDrive .

Once inside you will be able to search for the deleted file, select it and click on the option to restore.

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