How to detect a virus in Windows 10?

How to detect a virus in Windows 10? One of the signs that our computer is infected with some type of virus is that it works slower than usual, in this case the most advisable thing is to perform a system scan and subsequent cleaning of it in order to eliminate this virus that is bothering us and causing inconvenience to our equipment.

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The alternatives

There are several alternatives for cleaning the computer, among these we will give you a few recommendations that you can run from the PC directly without using antivirus. Remember that antivirus is designed to protect computers and that, although Windows 10 already has an antivirus, it is never too much to have external help when protecting the security of the computer.

Using only the system

 There are several actions that can be performed to clean the operating system and make it work in a better way, among these we recommend:

The elimination of temporary files , we will do this by entering the Windows search engine, we will write the words to free up disk space, and we will press enter to execute it.

We can eliminate viruses with MRT , this function is designed precisely to carry out the elimination of malicious files. Again we enter the search engine and write run, then MRT and press enter.

Another alternative is the elimination of the hidden files and folders , we enter the Windows Finder, write run and then% tmp% and press accept.

The elimination of files through the folder etc, we must enter the local disk (C), then the Windows option, then the alternative System32, we select drivers and finally etc and click on the option to delete all files.

Another option

Another alternative is entering the Windows security section .

We locate and press on the alternative of protection against threats & viruses.

Among the options we select the exploration one .

This will give us other alternatives, we choose the Windows defender offline exam, we press the option to examine now.

This may take about 15-20 minutes . After this, the computer will restart.

Through an antivirus

Another alternative that can help you protect your PC is frequent scanning with an antivirus, in the market there is a wide variety of these, it is most recommended that you select one that is compatible with your operating system and that does not interfere with Windows 10 functions. There are some antivirus programs that are not compatible with this software.

The most recommended

Among the antivirus most recommended by connoisseurs of the subject we can mention some:

Windows Defender , this is the antivirus that is already installed within the operating system, you will only have to run the antivirus.

Kaspersky free Antivirus is very efficient when it comes to detecting viruses and malware, it is completely free and very light.

Panda Free Antivirus , this is another of the well-known and compatible with the system, it has a free version and a paid version, it offers a wide range of advantages for its users.

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