How to Reset Kodi to Its Initial State

Entertainment is essential in the life of any person, and millions of them prefer to do it from home. One of the best ways to entertain yourself in the comfort of your home is by watching your favorite TV shows. Whether you like to watch movies, series or any other program , the internet offers a wide variety of content of this type.

Now we explain how to watch the content that is offered on the internet for free on TV , to enjoy that there is a software designed totally free, which offers you to watch the multimedia content of the internet.

This is Kodi, with this open source software you can watch and download series, movies, or any other program, the best thing is that it is compatible with any type of device , and many operating systems such as Android and Windows. Not only is it compatible with many devices such as Android Smart Tv, but it is also easily downloaded and installed .

Once downloaded and installed on your Smart TV, you can configure your Smartphone to function as a remote control.  Without a doubt, there are many advantages that Kodi offers to guarantee long hours of entertainment from home with television. Perhaps one of the few disadvantages that they have is that they still do not include the option to reset the system . But luckily there are other means that can be used to factory reset your Kodi.

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  1. How can I have the option to restart Kodi directly
  2. Add-ons to reset Kodi to its initial state
  3. How to use the Fresh Star feature to reset Kodi?
  4. What is the best way to reset Kodi to its initial state?
    1. On windows
    2. On Android devices
  5. Alternatives to be able to reset Kodi easily
    1. Indigo (Fusion)
    2. Fire TV Stick

How can I have the option to restart Kodi directly

As we mentioned before, the option to reset or restart Kodi is not present in the application. For this reason it will be necessary to purchase a supplement that can help us with this task. Next, we will show you the tool that you must use for this purpose and thus be able to restart Kodi .

Add-ons to reset Kodi to its initial state

You may need to reset your Kodi to its factory version after a certain time , but it does not have that option. So regardless of the reason why you need to reset your Kodi, to do so you will need to use some add-ons. Let us recommend some of these tools and show you how to use them to reset your Kodi easily and safely.

The first one that we will be talking about is the Ares Wizard Fresh Star , which is one of the most used. This tool gives you the possibility to find the necessary external add-ons to get the most out of your Kodi . But it also has an option that allows you to reset your Kodi to the factory version easily. The most important feature of Ares is that it allows you to keep the data you want before doing the reboot.

To use this Ares Wizard tool you must download and install the Ares repository and the Ares Wizard software . Now that you have the Ares repository installed, you have to download the file called before continuing. Once this is done, open Kodi and go to the add-ons option, once there select add-on browser.

Now in the menu select install from Zip, locate the file you downloaded from ares repository and open it. With this action, the Ares repository will be installed on your Kodi , wait for the confirmation of the process.

Once you have finished installing the repository, you must install Ares Wizard, to do so, go to the add-ons browser again. But now select install from the repository, the option Ares Project> program add-ons> Ares Wizard> install click on this option will appear. Once Ares Wizard has been downloaded, it should appear available in the add-ons section of the program at the start of your Kodi. Now let’s see how to start the Fresh Star function, from the Ares assistant already installed on your Kodi.

How to use the Fresh Star feature to reset Kodi?

When you open this add-on, locate the more section at the top of the start, clicking it will display other options. Now select where it says delete all data / new start , when doing so a security warning will appear, select accept.

At this point you will see the option to choose which data you want to save, when you do so click on continue. Now the Ares assistant will perform the reset of your Kodi to the factory version , as you wish.

In addition to this Ares Wizard Fresh Star add-on, there are methods that can also be used to reset your Kodi, these can be used to reset Kodi if you are using it on devices, with Windows, Android, Mac or Fire tv stick.

What is the best way to reset Kodi to its initial state?

Beyond the method shown above, there are other ways to return Kodi to its factory settings . Read the following information to learn how to do it on Windows and Android.

On windows

Certainly the easiest way that you can set Kodi to its factory settings is to uninstall it. It may not be the most suitable option for everyone, but it is certainly the best option . Use this unless you want to keep the general settings of the program.

The other method is the one we showed you previously, that is, using the Fresh Star function , although it is not recommended for those who want to do it very quickly.

On Android devices

Both for smart televisions (Smart TV) and for mobiles with this operating system, the process is very simple. Just go to the Settings or Settings section of your device.

Once you are in the settings, look for the applications section, there will be all the Apps of the system, press on Kodi. Look for the ‘Storage’ option, you just have to click on Delete data and Delete cache . In this way, Kodi will have the default settings again.

Alternatives to be able to reset Kodi easily

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Kodi is that it works with many devices and allows you to install many Addons. Given this, keep reading if you want to know other alternatives to uninstall Kodi .

Indigo (Fusion)

Indigo is one of the best known addons of the Kodi application. Using it you can make significant changes such as clearing the cache and establishing factory settings .

You just have to install Indigo and start it . Among the multiple options of the addon, Factory Restore will appear, an option with which you can return Kodi to its factory settings

Fire TV Stick

Again, the easiest method to reset Kodi beyond using Fresh Star is by uninstalling the app. In the case of having a Fire TV Stick, simply scroll down to the ‘Your applications and channels’ section and locate Kodi, if you don’t see it click on ‘See all’.

When you have found the Kodi application, go to it and press the options button on your control, you will recognize it as it is next to the Home button and has three horizontal lines .

The options will appear on the right side of the screen, simply select ‘Uninstall’ and press the OK button on the remote control. After completing the process, you will need to install Kodi again.

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