How to remove wrinkles on the face of a photo with GIMP

With Corel Photo Paint it is possible to clone and correct imperfections in an image , but it can also be done with free Apps. For this reason, today we teach you how to remove wrinkles, blemishes and imperfections on the face of a photo with GIMP .

It is possible to remove wrinkles with GIMP

Gimp is an excellent application very similar to Photoshop, which is why it is possible to make multiple edits. Certainly the trick of every editor is to be creative when using their tools . Just download the latest version of GIMP and start using it to edit your photos.

In short, yes, it is possible to remove imperfections very easily from a photo with GIMP. Either way, conventional methods are often difficult for newbies, but fortunately, with ingenuity, very prominent edits can be made.

Undoubtedly, the option of duplicating layers and using the blur method could be useful to eliminate imperfections on people’s faces. To learn how to use this trick in GIMP read on.

Still, the following tutorial clearly requires you to master the basics like using Gimp’s rotation tool to make modifications. Either way, it is a very simple process.

Remove wrinkle spots and blemishes in GIMP with blur

  • The first thing you should do is import the image in which you want to apply the modification in order to eliminate wrinkles and imperfections.
  • The first step is to duplicate the layer of the image you are working with, in order to start editing. It is best to give the layers a specific name, in order to differentiate them.
  • In the secondary layer you will have to apply a Gaussian blur. Just select the work layer and go to the “Filters” tab located above. In Filters locate “Blur ” and finally select “Gaussian Blur” .
  • You should set the level of blur according to the amount of wrinkles and blemishes that the person in the photo has. In other words, if there are many wrinkles, the level of blur should be higher. The idea is that these imperfections disappear. Don’t worry about blur.
  • In the original layer you must add a layer mask, simply right click on the layer and select the option. This time, click on “Blank” and finally click on “Add”.
  • After the above, just select the brush to start the cleaning process, but make sure that black is selected and not white in the brush options. To clean the image and remove wrinkles, move the brush to the places you want to edit. The trick is to do it carefully and in a subtle way.
  • As you will see, the afterimage will work to create the illusion of clean skin. To finish the process, clean all wrinkles and imperfections from the image.

This process is recommended, since by using the original layer as a base, you will not have to worry too much about tones and colors. As an editor, you should know that the trick to make an edit look real is that the tones are always chords , being a great advantage of the previous method.

What to do if i’m wrong

  • In case you make a mistake and accidentally erase a part, just change the brush options. The black brush is used to perform the above trick, but if you want to fix an edit error, just select the white brush .
  • By doing this, using the brush will draw the original layer, thus bringing back that section of the image that you mistakenly edited on.
  • Finally, after finishing the whole process, it only remains to export the image in Gimp to save it and that simple you can remove imperfections in a basic way .


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