How to remove the age restriction on YouTube

  • ve the age restriction on YouTube on mobile devices.

Factors to take into account the age restriction on YouTube

We want to see the perfect videos, but why the age restriction? You must bear in mind that this exists to protect the minor from certain content that is not suitable for them and YouTube’s policies are very strict with some type of content that may be sensitive for them.

Although sometimes a video that is completely for children is restricted either by mistake or some error but there is an application for example Family Link which is a parental control application created by Google with which you can be more specific when filtering the content to they.

Another way to carefully select the content for children is to see all the channels to which you are subscribed and block the user or the YouTube channel in order not to see their content again.

How to watch restricted videos smoothly

This is actually a simple process, only you must do it from a desktop website not a mobile version, you only have to show Google that you are of legal age, for this, enter your Youtube account if you do not have one, you only have to create A google account is essential because that is where we will find the configuration we are looking for.

After entering, you click on your profile photo that is located in the upper right part, you will immediately see the configuration option that when you click on it, you will be redirected to the main page of your YouTube account.

While on this site you must find and click on View or change the settings of your Google Account where you can access your personal information and modify a large amount of your account data, but the purpose is to change your date of birth to one where your age is older after modifying this we click on update data and that’s it.

If in case of not being able to see the desired video after having followed these instructions, it is very likely that it is due to other reasons such as the country restriction that is very frequent in Latin countries, in which case it will require you to have a Premium license.

How to remove the age restriction on YouTube on mobile devices.

In addition to our desktop PC, we will also teach you how to activate or deactivate the restricted mode in Android or iPhone that although their operating designs are different, the procedure is very similar.

We will start with Android devices for them you must enter the YouTube APP and select your account, after that in the upper right part in the three points where it says more a menu will be displayed, then you choose general configuration and you will be able to see the option of Activate or deactivate the Restricted Mode and voila you will be able to enjoy YouTube videos without problems.

For iPhone devices, the procedure is very similar in the APP, click on your profile photo and then on settings, and you will be able to see the Filter option in restricted mode, then you have at your disposal whether to activate or deactivate it, the option not to filter means Mode restricted disabled and logically strict Restricted mode enabled, that would be the whole process.

We hope you use these recommendations so that you do not have any problems when viewing YouTube videos and filtering the content in order to protect children and adolescents.


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