How to remove or disable predictive text on an iPhone

Today’s technology, for many, is a great synonym for comfort; due to how we handle it daily, making life much easier for us in different areas.

This comfort can come in a number of ways, and it really can vary in ways we wouldn’t even imagine; But it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be where we are were it not for technology.

It has greatly influenced different fronts of human development , including health, construction, robotics, and much more.

But, where its influence is most noticeable among all aspects of humanity or its activities, it is probably communication; since it has allowed us to connect with each other in incredible ways.

Today, with the use of a device that fits inside our pocket; we can make a video call with someone who is on the other side of the globe.

A couple of decades ago this was considered unthinkable or impossible. But, thanks to the developments that exist today, we have all the technology at our hands, and therefore more bearable, fun, advanced and entertaining lives.

Today’s communication can also be considered an example of the ease that technology brings to our lives, and it can be clearly seen on an Apple device .

The iPhone, since its arrival on the market, have been built thinking only of the user’s comfort, trying to fill even the smallest demand.

Everything found on an iPhone is an excellent example of user-friendly engineering; from its simple user interface, to the way each application is used.

Likewise, we can observe it even in the way a text message is written inside the device, since it can work through a useful predictive text .

IPhones and predictive texts

For many, Apple , and its iOS operating system , which is incorporated into all their mobile devices, is an excellent example of a company that thinks about the happiness of its user. It’s no surprise that Apple only succeeds after success within your company, as everything they produce is considered pure gold among gadget critics.

All their devices are intuitive, of excellent quality, fast, elegant and more; and you can see all this and more in just a couple of minutes with one of these devices in our hands. For this reason, many of the people who try an iPhone never change the brand for another, due to the great comfort they bring to the user.

This convenience is translated in different ways within every iPhone; but we can talk to you about how you can write on an iPhone , since its keyboard is comfortable and it has the option for predictive text.

A special option that consists of an addition that helps its user to be able to write any type of word faster; because it autocompletes these with a couple of moves.

This option is used by most of the users in conjunction with the dictionary, in such a way that a comfortable and fast device is obtained when writing.

Predictive text

In order to successfully activate predictive text; You have to enter the ‘ Keyboard Settings ‘ which you can enter whenever you are writing a text message; through the ‘Emoji’ or ‘Language’ key on the keyboard; In the bottom left.

Once inside these settings, you will have to find the predictive text option and activate it, although you can also do it by entering the ‘Settings’ of the mobile; and in ‘General’ go directly to ‘Keyboard’ and activate the predictive text option here .


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