How to remove malware and spyware using Combofix

In today’s article we are going to see how to remove malware and spyware using Combofix step by step . This powerful free tool capable of deleting any virus from the root in our operating system.

Unfortunately, viruses on the Internet are quite common, we can infect our computer by doing simple things such as browsing different websites, checking emails or downloading files .

Antivirus, despite being totally necessary, on many occasions are not capable of detecting some threats. By itself, no antivirus is 100% safe. But as if this were not enough, there are some malware that generate copies of themselves and “camouflage” themselves in our OS so that, if we delete the original, then a copy is reactivated.

How can we prevent this from happening? The simplest, most automatic and effective way is thanks to Combofix. A completely free and portable tool that will help us to eliminate from the root and forever any malware that is not willing to leave our computer.

We will talk a little more about this tool below and we will teach you how to use Combofix to remove malware and spyware from your computer in a very fast and simple way.

How to use Combofix to remove malware

On the internet we can find a large amount of malware and spyware. Sometimes we can eliminate them without any kind of problem, many of them are partly “harmless” at some point.

However, there are others that can be very difficult to completely remove from the operating system. Especially those that generate copies of it and after deleting them every time we restart the computer, they appear again.

For this we have a solution: Combofix which is a completely free tool that is responsible for analyzing our computer to find malware of any kind and eliminate it aggressively. Much more aggressive than any antivirus. In this way we prevent it from being reactivated.

Combofix is ​​widely used to eliminate any kind of persistent virus that is hidden in our operating system and that insists on staying for as long as we try to throw it out repeatedly.

Remove malware with Combofix

To be able to use it, the first thing we must do is enter its official website and download the tool. Another positive thing about Combofix is ​​that it is a portable app , so you don’t need to install anything at all.

Before running the app, we must close all the security tools that we have running in the operating system. This includes: antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc. To do it really well, the ideal is to start in safe mode.

How do we get started in that mode? You will simply have to restart your computer and when it is booting you will have to press F8 several times until a menu with several options appears . The first one is “Safe Mode”.

Once the computer starts, simply run the tool and it will begin to extract the program files. When finished the same tool begins to work without us having to do anything.

It will begin by creating a restore point of it and will analyze our entire computer to detect threats. In case of finding any, it will proceed to eliminate it immediately. We don’t need to do anything else during the process, just leave the computer until it’s done.

When the process is finished we will be able to see a logo with everything that was done during the analysis. It is ideal to verify that everything works and in case something does not, we can easily recover it.

After all this, the only thing left to do is simply reboot the PC on a regular basis and continue using it as usual. Now we are completely sure that you will not have any kind of malware on your system.


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