How to disable or remove thumbs.db file from your Windows 10 PC

Today we are going to see how to disable or remove thumbs.db file from Windows 10 PC in a simple and step-by-step way, so that everyone can carry out this simple tutorial that we will see later.

Windows 10 has many features that make it a unique operating system in every way. It offers us a wide range of options and facilities that other OS may simply want.

But something that can be a bit annoying is creating thumbs.db files . Especially when we must delete a folder or something similar. When this happens most of the people make the decision to restart the computer and then proceed to delete the folder.

The problem is that on many occasions we cannot allow ourselves to restart the PC. In addition, it is not something too practical to say. Therefore, what we are going to do next is to teach you how to delete a thumbs.db file either to delete one or more folders or directly to never have it in the operating system again.

Follow everything that we are going to tell you step by step in this small but detailed tutorial and you will quickly know how to disable any thumbs.db file so that it will no longer be a nuisance on your Windows 10 computer.

How to delete thumbs.db files in Windows

The operating system creates a thumbs.db file in a folder so that thumbnails can be displayed more quickly. We do not see this kind of files, since they are hidden. Unless from the ” Folder ” options in ” Control Panel ” you decide to make the hidden files visible.

Thumb files are actually useless on a fairly decent PC. The simple fact that they are in the folder usually doesn’t bother you. The problem comes when we want to delete the folder and it turns out that Windows tells us that it cannot be done because the file is still open.

This undoubtedly becomes an inconvenience, since we will not be able to delete said folder . Imagine that you are sharing a network and other computers access it. Possibly in a long time you will not be able to eliminate it.

If it happens to you on your computer, something that possibly happened to all of us, is that we must restart it to be able to delete the folder in question and this can be annoying. On many occasions it can even affect our work, especially when we have so many windows and programs open at the same time.

How to delete thumbs.db file

So how do we delete the thumbs file ? How do we delete a folder that says thumbs is open? All we have to do is go to ” View ” and then we put the icons to see them in ” Detail ” mode . In this way we can close the thumbs.db and proceed with the removal of the folder.

In case you want a more permanent solution, you can go to ” Control Panel ” and then go to ” Folder options ” here the option ” Always show icons, never thumbnails ” you will have to leave it checked so that you can always see icons , which will never create thumb files.

What you should keep in mind is that, if you are going to configure so that only icons are seen. Then you will not be able to see the preview of the image or video that you have in that folder. It is not something too important but it never hurts to clarify it.

We hope that this little tutorial solves all your doubts about how to delete or deactivate thumb.db file in Windows . If you still have any kind of question about it, you can leave it in the comment box which you can find a little further down.


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