Have you ever seen a garment that had gum stuck to it when you removed it? Sure you do, especially if you have small children around, right? Well today we are going to give you good news: it can be removed. So if you are reading this post and you just realized that you have gum stuck to your favorite jeans , stop yelling and put into practice the tips that we are going to share with you today on how to remove gum from clothes .

Make him cold, you’ll freeze him

The most widespread method of removing gum from tissues is using the cold. One option to apply the technique is to rub an ice cube on the stained area. Little by little, the gum will solidify and peel off the garment. If there is any residue left, you can help it by scratching with your fingernail or a sharp instrument. You will see that, in no time, there will be no rest of gum anywhere.

Another option is to put the garment in the freezer for about two and a half hours. After this time, take out the clothes and scratch the gum. You will see how easy it is to remove it!

With the iron, it will stick

And if you are more hot, put a greaseproof paper on the area to be treated, or a cardboard, and insistently pass the iron over the area. You will see how little by little it will stick to the paper and in this way your precious skirt will get rid of the happy gum.

A somewhat more radical option to remove gum from clothing is to boil water and submerge the area to be treated. Once you’ve wet it well, scrape off the gum with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Logically, this measure can be used for garments that are not excessively delicate, since you can spoil it by subjecting it to such high temperatures.

Continuing with the heat, try heating a glass with a little vinegar and when it is very hot, pour it over the gum. Rub a little with a brush and now the gum will also be something that will only remain in your memory. Logically, afterwards you have to wash the garment as normal.

Alcohol to heal wounds

Another easy and simple way to remove gum from clothing is by using wound alcohol . To check its effectiveness, just spray the liquid on the gum. Let it soak up the product well and when this is the case, it is time to remove it. To do this, use a cloth or sponge. DO NOT be afraid if you damage the garment or it fades, alcohol at 96º is totally safe.

If you see that the cloth or sponge is not enough, remove the gum with a blunt knife, you will see how easily it comes out.

And if you don’t have alcohol at home, don’t worry, you can also use nail polish remover.

And a little bit of hairspray …

Last but not least effective. You can also use hairspray to remove the gum from that dress you love so much. Try spraying hairspray generously all over the gum. And then quickly begin to remove the gum with the help of a blade, a knife or any sharp object. Start from the outside, taking off the tips and work your way in little by little, very slowly, until you finally manage to separate all the gum.

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