How to recover data from damaged hard drive

The recovery of lost data from a damaged hard drive  or accidentally deleted files  is an operation that sooner or later everyone has to do, as our data is stored on mass memories ( hard disk , SSD , micro sd or pens USB ) that are subject to wear or damage.

Anyone who works on a PC, knows for this reason the importance of backup and knows well that they have to be careful which files are deleted. But unfortunately, accidental file deletions and mass memory malfunctions are commonplace.

In this case all is not lost and fortunately there are valid data recovery programs . A powerful but simple solution to use is Wondershare Recoverit, we recommend it and we will use it in the rest of the article.

If you find that you have accidentally deleted files from a memory stick or memory card, do not use it again until the recovery procedure starts , thus maximizing the probability of recovering your data.

Similarly, if some files have become corrupted on the hard disk or have been deleted, stop all activities and make sure not to write large files to the disk . So that the space freed up by the deletion is not reused by the system and the greater the chances of recovery.

Some features of Wondershare Recoverit

We really appreciate Wondershare Recoverit, and it is the solution we aim for when we have some problem with accidentally deleted or damaged files. Its recovery algorithms are in fact very powerful and allow the simple recovery of files in a large number of formats (a thousand).

In addition, other strengths of the program are:

  • the ease of use, a feature that makes it ideal even for those who are not computer experts;
  • its support for various peripherals, internal hard drives and external hard drives, internal and external SSDs, USB sticks and memory cards;
  • the possibility of having a preview of the recovered files directly with the free version, so as to know if the program will help us before proceeding with the purchase;
  • its ability to create a boot drivethat allows you to recover data even from PCs that do not boot ;
  • last but not least, the excellent integrated algorithm, which allows Recoverit to recover even damagedor deleted videos by reconstructing the missing frames.

How to install Wondershare Recoverit

First of all, in the event of a damaged or unrecoverable file, it is necessary to install the program. If possible, based on what is explained in the first paragraph, it is advisable to install the program on a different disk than the one where the data to be recovered resides.

To download the program, simply go to the Wondershare Recoverit page . If you are on Windows system click on the “ Download for Win ” button if you are on macOS choose “ Download for Mac “.

The installation on Windows is very simple, just double click on the executable and follow the quick wizard that has no traps of any kind. Before proceeding by clicking on the ” Install ” button, you are advised to press the ” Customize info ” button at the bottom and choose the installation path.

Even on macOS the procedure is similar, just double click on the downloaded executable and follow the installation procedure.

After installation, you are ready to start Recoverit by clicking on its icon. Once the program has been launched, you will notice the very modern, essential and linear interface.

Recover data from a hard drive with Recoverit

At the top are all the internal drives from which it is possible to recover files, immediately below are the external drives. Still below there are some specific folders, finally at the bottom there are the options for recovering from blocked PCs and dedicated to recovering videos.

To start the recovery of deleted or damaged files from a specific hard drive just select it, then click on the ” Start ” button at the bottom .

At this point the hard disk sector scan will start and gradually recovered files and folders will begin to peep out. If the file or files of our interest have already appeared we can pause the scan and proceed with the recovery, just select them (or select one or more folders) and press the ” Recover ” button .

Of course, if you are not in too much of a hurry, it is good to wait for the scan to complete so that you can have a complete picture of the recoverable files.

Before clicking on ” Retrieve ” you can also use the handy preview of the program to see the contents of image files, videos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The files that the program detects during and upon completion of the scan and that can be previewed are the same files that will be recovered if you purchase a license.

As you have noticed, the use is really simple and just a few clicks are enough to immediately feel at ease.

For those with more complex recovery needs, such as having to recover data from an uninitialized disk , the Wondershare team has provided several simple tutorials. Furthermore, if you want to become a true expert in every aspect of using the program, you can take advantage of the many guides dedicated to each aspect.

Finally, those who buy a license are entitled to free technical support , which with their experience and advice will be able to maximize your chances of recovery. On this page you will find the complete list of license prices , which will help you to easily choose the solution that best suits your recovery needs and your pocket.


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