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Detailed walkthrough guide for all Outriders story and side quests, boss fight tactics and strategy, and much more

Create your character, and then watch the video with the moment of landing on the planet Enoch. Your key task in Outriders is to confirm the fact that this planet is suitable for further colonization of the human race. It is not yet possible to select a playable class, so figure out the controls and follow Captain Tanner. On the way, you will have to climb through several fallen trees, and soon you will find yourself on an open plateau, where an advanced scout camp will be set up.

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A huge beast will run by, but don’t worry about it for now. Find a blue flag hologram and then plant it to set up your camp. After the camp is set up, you can look around, but then go to Captain Tanner. Chat with him, and he will advise you to go to the gunsmith Yakub, who is ready to conduct a course of combat training for you.

Find a small hill on the other side of the camp and chat with Yakub. Choose a phrase about weapon training. Jakub will launch a special program with enemy holograms. Hide behind the nearest cover, wait for the hologram to turn on, and then look out from behind the bags and shoot your opponents. Use different weapons. Ignore tanks, focus on single targets and shoot in bursts. Do not worry, training simply cannot end in failure. When Yakub suggests, switch to pistols and try them out in action, and then return to using the rifle and finish off the final goals.

Outriders Walkthrough

When the training is over, return to the camp and find a girl named Shira on the right. Chat with her on various topics, and at the end of the conversation, you will learn that you need to find the probe. After this conversation, an exit from the territory of the outpost will open on the side of Shira. Move across a large field where a herd of wild animals will run. Again, don’t worry about them – it’s too early to shoot! Walk past the small reservoir to the ledge on the opposite side. Here you will be taught how to move from one shelter to another. A very useful mechanic, especially in the heat of battle! Once you get to the probe, interact with it to collect the necessary data. You will be ordered to return to camp to go in search of the second probe. Move in the opposite direction to meet your squad.

Outriders Walkthrough


After exploring the dense forest, everything will go upside down. You will be separated from the rest of the team. Your task is to find the second probe, which is hidden somewhere deep in the forest. Go down the path, move on and soon fall into the gorge. Here you are attacked by the first enemy – the same beast. Unlike the holograms you fired at earlier, this is quite a material enemy that can inflict damage. Dodge his attacks. This is important both in this battle and in subsequent clashes with people, especially those who use melee strikes or explosives (such as frag grenades).

Outriders Walkthrough

The beast will pounce on you quite often, so get used to dodging. However, he will not inflict particularly serious injuries, and you can also heal out of combat (after a while, if the enemy does not hit you). Dodge, attack, dodge, and so on. As soon as you deal with the monster, go up to the other side and search the probe. But the storm is about to begin.

As soon as an abnormal storm breaks out, you will need to go back and get to the car. As you sprint, watch out for red rings that indicate points where lightning is about to strike. If you fall under it, take damage. And you cannot be healed here. Use dodges and sprints to dodge obstacles and lightning, cross trees, and so on. As soon as you get to the trucks, another cut-scene will start, and your character will be touched by an anomaly.

Outriders Walkthrough

Back at camp, watch the video. Maxwell lost his mind, began to panic, and therefore ordered his fighters to attack the scouts. We’ll have to deal with them. Hide behind the nearest cover and destroy the first enemy group. Look for a large green container nearby that contains your first loot, the Tanner Rifle. Equip this weapon through your inventory as it is much better than what is available by default. Some enemies will explode when using this weapon, touching their allies. You also have a shotgun that is great for close-range combat.

Keep going up the hill, killing enemies, and be careful as opponents will often throw grenades. The radius of their explosion is marked with a special ring right on the ground. Run away or quickly dodge to the side to avoid damage.

Outriders Walkthrough

Advice . By the way, if you see an enemy preparing to throw a grenade in your direction, you can shoot at him, thereby interrupting the action. The grenade will fall right at his feet.

As soon as you find yourself at the end of the path, you will be attacked by Maxwell himself. He has much better armor than the bodyguards, so you need a little more power to take him down. Since it is impossible to heal, in no case do not get close to Maxwell, but instead attack from cover. Once he’s closer, you can switch to the shotgun. When he falls to his knee, walk up to the enemy and interact with him to start a cut-scene.

Outriders Walkthrough


If you thought that you would have to colonize the planet, I hasten to disappoint – due to serious anomalous lesions, the bodies of the protagonist were forced to be immersed in cryo-sleep. And he woke up after a long time, when a real civil war began. You will wake up in a completely different place, at a completely different time. Watch a lengthy cut-scene during which you will be transported by a truck. That very storm endowed your hero with superpowers, and now you will need to choose in which direction the character will develop. Please note that you cannot change the playable class. If you want to play for others, you have to start all over again!

Outriders Walkthrough

Think carefully about your fighting style and make your choices (more in our separate class guide):

  • Technomancer
  • Necromancer
  • Destroyer
  • Trickster

It is important to emphasize that fighters of any class can restore health points right during the battle. This can be done by killing enemies in certain ways, which often depend on the chosen class (and the corresponding style). If you like to be in the thick of things, use dimensional weapons, pay attention to the Destroyer. You will not only be able to fight close, but you will also restore health points for each enemy that was killed at close range. And the Trickster is able to gain health points with the help of melee attacks, but at the same time he can teleport behind the backs of enemies. If the Destroyer is a “tank”, then the Trickster is “a dodger, a hidden killer, an assassin). But Technomancer and Necromancer prefer to fight at a distance. Provide support to the team, heal allies or deal damage over time to multiple targets at once. Whatever you choose, you will be given a rusty pistol and sent to fight with opponents. The chosen class does not affect the plot in any way!

Outriders Walkthrough

Move up to the trenches and shoot at opponents hiding on the hill. If anyone gets within reach, be sure to take advantage of the new abilities, since they all recharge quite quickly (they have a relatively small cooldown), and often allow you to turn the tide of the battle. But do not forget to use more standard methods of protection when snuggling up to cover. Move slowly forward, but do not forget that aggressive actions are usually required for healing (read the description of healing for the selected class).

After reaching the top, kill all the shooters and find a chest with loot nearby. Inside it lies a sniper rifle, which is ideal for destroying the following targets. There will be even more shooters below, and they all keep to cover. Use your new rifle to shoot enemies when they look out of cover. Finish off the rest, search the corpses and you will find boots on one of them. You will automatically equip them as this is the first item for this slot. But in the future, you will have to change the equipment manually.

Outriders Walkthrough

A little later, looters with shotguns will join the shooters, who each time will try to get close to your character in order to attack close. Be proactive and then move towards the trench line. To the left and right of the trench entrance, there are blue chests that contain ammunition. Restore ammo. The cartridges in these boxes are endless. After picking up the ammunition, go to the central bunker between the trenches and look for a container with loot there, which contains a shotgun. It is perfect for fighting in such a confined space. You can crush opponents, use abilities, and then finish off the remaining targets with a shotgun.

A little further you will find more dangerous opponents using flamethrowers. However, the range of these flamethrowers is relatively small, so you can run back and attack them from a safe distance. For example, shoot with a sniper rifle. Don’t forget about the abilities of the selected class. If you see that the enemy is ducking, pay attention to the scale. As soon as it is full, he will accelerate in your direction and try to ram the main character. be ready to dodge, and you can also use abilities labeled “Interrupt”, allowing you to interrupt any such attacks (before the start of which the enemy fills the meter). After killing two flamethrowers, clear the trenches and go into the open field to complete the prologue and receive a well-deserved reward.

Outriders Walkthrough


When the prologue ends, events will move to the first city in the game, City-in-the-Rift. The level of the world will periodically rise. This happens automatically, and for each new level you get a reward. The higher the level of the world, the more dangerous the opponents, but also the higher the probability of falling out of more valuable equipment. That is, if you wish, you can, of course, lower the level of the world, but it will cost you improved loot. The gameplay is built very well, the difficulty increases smoothly, giving you the opportunity to learn all the mechanics, train the character’s abilities, and so on. Therefore, supernatural difficulties should not arise due to the rise in the level of the world.

Move to the indicated point to go to the Hounds warehouse. Please note that from now on you will be able to find books that reveal the lore of the game. Be sure to collect them. All interactive objects can be highlighted with the TAB key. Once in the warehouse, you will face opponents. They will attack in two waves. For the first time, regular arrows and armored targets will go. When you complete the battle, use the terminal, and then repeat the battle. This time, melee fighters will try to get close to you, but you can kill them from a distance with a sniper rifle or use a shotgun. Repeat the steps. There are loot containers in the side rooms. Take her. There is such loot in every zone where you fight opponents. Especially when it comes to such enclosed spaces. After collecting all the things, go forward and use the marked door. After watching the cut-scene, find the icon that allows you to quickly return to a previously visited location. Select camp as your fast travel point. Find Shira and Yakub. Yes, yes, those from the prologue of the game.

Outriders Walkthrough

Get to the Defense Perimeter, kill enemies and place the flag. On the right side you can find Audrey Storm, who can provide the Reckoning side quest. More lore data are lying nearby, and minerals can be found on the rocks. Interact with the latter as these resources will come in handy later on. After collecting iron, get to new opponents. Once you kill the latter, you can pick up the key that will open the door in front.

And after her you will have a battle with the first Alium. These opponents can use the same abilities as your hero, since they were also hit by the anomaly. Another Alium can be found during the Reckoning mission. Attack the Technomancer, while not forgetting to deal with ordinary enemies, which are the source of health points.

Outriders Walkthrough

At the end of this quest, you will face the first boss – Alium Gauss. This is a dangerous opponent, which is much tougher than the previously encountered aliums. He will attack you from an electric rifle. When you see him creating a wall, shoot at it. Also, be careful with electrical traps. Go around them, otherwise you will get a shock and you will be temporarily immobilized. Never run through a place that is struck by electricity. Avoid being hit by ball lightning. They will move around the battlefield in an arbitrary direction.

Gauss’s most dangerous attack is a thunderstorm. You will see three highlighted areas that will shock your hero. You need to run away from them until the scale above Gauss disappears. You can interrupt such attacks using the abilities of the main character. after defeating the enemy, collect the reward, and then go to the camp to report on the whole Shire. Chat with Yakub and the quest will end.

Side quests

The day did not go well

There are two side quests to take in Rift City. To get the current one, you should talk to the dealer. It is located not far from the camp. Go through the marked grate. This must be done after saving Yakub at the beginning of the “Reunion” quest. Walk down and destroy two enemy groups elsewhere. There will be no dangerous opponents, and containers with loot will appear on the sides, as always. Then use the door, and after the video, follow back to the merchant.


After you go to the Defense Perimeter and fight the first enemies, after setting the flag, turn right to find Audrey Storm. The girl will give out a side task, in which she will need to fight the first Alium. Defeat the first opponents, but watch out for the snipers who have settled in the distance. Kill them, search the loot container and go inside the building. Alium Pyromancer awaits you here. Don’t forget about the different abilities that will interrupt enemy attacks and simplify the battle. It will be difficult without them. Shoot an enemy or attack with an interrupt ability whenever they are preparing for their Special Attack (the gauge above them fills up).

Unsteady ground

And this quest will become available after the completion of the “Reunion” mission, when you defeat the boss Gauss. Once you’ve done that, chat with Shira and head west from the Crossroads where the flag was planted (opposite the ruins with Audrey Storm). Cross the abyss, fight enemies. And one of them will be Alium. This is Captain Technomancer. Deal with all the enemies, and then take the reward from Shira.


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