How to recover data from a formatted hard drive;3 Steps

How to recover data from a formatted hard drive.If you like crime investigation series (CSI style) you have surely seen that experts manage to recover data from a previously formatted hard drive or SSD that has even been partially physically destroyed . This is not science fiction but it is a reality, and in this article we are going to tell you how they manage to carry it out.

How to recover data from a formatted hard drive;3 Steps

You should know that formatting your hard drive does not guarantee that the data stored inside it has been destroyed, and only a low-level formatting (secure erase) guarantees this. In fact, even if you physically destroy a hard drive (for example by scratching the platters manually) there will still be pieces of data that could be recovered with the proper methods.

If you accidentally formatted a device, what can you do? As we have already told you in a previous post on how to recover deleted data , it is extremely important to take some preliminary precautions when trying to recover data with do-it-yourself solutions.

How to recover data from a formatted hard drive

In addition to making sure you know what data to look for , remember that the first important rule is not to save any other data on the device . The saving process may overwrite the data you are looking for.

This approach can be applied to any type of removable device, all you need is a Windows or Mac computer , the formatted device and data recovery software such as Ontrack EasyRecovery.

Make sure you have installed the software on a different device than the one you are trying to save data from and check that the device to be used is recognized by the system as an external resource. If you have chosen Ontrack EasyRecovery , follow these simple steps to restore your data:

  1. select the type of file to recover (photos, videos, or select all)
  2. select the device you have mistakenly formatted from the device list and perform the recovery process
  3. if the software does not detect the connected media , select “I cannot see the device” and all the devices connected to your system will be visible
  4. select your device and click “Search” to find the lost partitions
  5. select the partition you want to recover from and select “Scan” to begin the process

During the recovery process, be sure to save the files on a different volume than the original one. When you are sure that you have saved everything you need, you can start using your device as normal to save data.

Hard drive recovery

f you’re lucky, you should be able to save most of the files from your formatted hard drive.

Connect the hard drive to a computer with a running operating system.
There are many programs to help you save your data. For example, you can use Easeus Data Recovery Wizard . For many free programs of this type, additional premium content can be purchased, but in most cases the free features are sufficient.

Instruct the program to search the formatted hard drive. Remember that the process can take several hours or even days, depending on the capacity of your hard drive.

In addition, you will need a drive that has enough space to store the recovered files.

After restoring all the files, you will have to sort them manually. At the same time, even those of them that you sent to the trash a long time ago will come up. For a better overview, use the Date Created and Date Modified sort options.

If important data has not been restored, you will have to use additional tools. Many programs have the function of finding even overwritten files, but more often than not you will have to pay extra for it.

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