How to record the screen of my Xbox 360 console with PC without capturer

Video games are highly important to a large number of people. Since they stopped being something of ” nerd ” during the 90, video games have reached a place in pop culture that no one can question.

All this, to the point that many people speak of video games as works of art; and many have extremely large player and fan bases . So the community has grown a lot, and with it the quality of the games. In the same way, it may be your case, the one you prefer to play on your PC or on the console that you like the most .

And, as the community of ” gamers ” has grown, the public that is entertained by watching all kinds of content created about video games has also grown. These contents are usually extremely broad, from reviews of a game like Fornite , LOL, Minecraft , news, to live broadcasts and guides on how to pass a game or perform a specific trick.

For this reason, people like Shroud or Ninja have become famous , who through a video game and their particular personality, have managed to position themselves above many people in the middle and end up making hundreds of thousands of dollars for a fixed audience.

Perhaps not everyone will find the grace to see someone else playing video games , taking into account that the attraction of them is to play it alone. But, it is true that many funny moments and good content have been seen among all that exist. And if you want to be part of the creator community, there is a lot you can do.

Although, if you want to record yourself playing video games, you must know some things and buy others. For this reason, below we will explain how you can record the screen of your Xbox 360 without the need for a capture card.

Recording without a grabber?

Usually, a special device called a capture card is needed to be able to record what you are doing in your game. There really is a way to be able to record your games without needing a capture card, but it is mandatory to have a capture card of some kind.

For example, you can buy an external capturer, such as Epiphan’s US3.0 HD . If you choose this option, which is usually somewhat expensive because you have to also buy several HDMI cables and an HDMI signal splitter to make it work properly.

Besides, you have to download some kind of capture software on your computer. Many choose to use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) which is usually used to be able to broadcast live.

Although what you can do is that through all these you can capture your game, and then edit it with editing software such as Vegas Pro or Filmora. Camtasia is also a good choice for any gamer who gets into this adventure. But you also have another option.

Recording your screen

It’s true, being able to record what you do on your screen is usually a bit expensive due to all the devices you have to buy. And, also, if you have a computer that is a bit ” weak ” in terms of your power, you may have problems when editing and rendering a video.

But, once you’ve got everything covered in at least editing, it’s time to think of alternatives to a capture card.

Although there are tons of capture cards on the market that you can get for a more or less reasonable price, there are always other options. The capture card is always recommended to perform all your capture activities professionally, but in case you want another alternative, you can always film the screen.

What you need is a good enough camera; luckily many of today’s mobiles have a good enough video camera for it. Film everything you want to film, edit it on your computer and then upload it wherever you want to upload it, a good example would be on YouTube Gaming . Something pretty straightforward.


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