Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – How To Defeat The Most Dangerous Enemies

We tell you how to fight with new, dangerous opponents: two marauders, spirits, Blood Creators and turrets

In Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One appeared several new sources of threat, and in this guide we will tell you how to deal with them.

How to defeat spirits

For the first time, you will encounter this enemy in the Blood Marshes. Spirits are incorporeal entities. That is why they look for a victim (one of the demons) and take possession of it, endowing the creature with incredible strength and durability. You cannot damage a spirit while it is inside the demon. However, you still need to defeat this demon in order to force the spirit to show itself and leave the body. The demon itself should be destroyed in the same way as you kill the same enemy, but without the spirit. That is, the presence of a blue aura does not mean that the demon should be attacked from a plasma weapon, like the Doom Hunter. No. Plasma weapon ammunition is just better to save.

As soon as you see the blue spirit, hurry up. Select the plasma weapon in advance and use the F key to select the “Magnetron” modification. This modification allows you to launch an energy beam at a fixed enemy. Something like a ghostbusters weapon from the movie of the same name. So, as soon as you see the spirit, aim at it from the plasma weapon, hold down RMB (there should be two “green arrows” on the crosshair) and hold LMB, without taking the crosshair away from the enemy. The scale will begin to fill, and when it is full, the spirit will explode. The same happens with any other enemy when you use such a weapon against him.

But if you hesitate, the spirit will have time to settle in another body shell, and the task will become much more complicated. And if there are no more enemies, then the spirit will simply freeze in place and wait for you to destroy it. Before killing a demon with a spirit in it, make sure you have enough ammo for your plasma weapons. If you inflict only 3/4 damage to the spirit, then the next time you knock it out of the body shell, you will find that the scale is empty, and everything needs to start over.

How to Defeat Bloody Creators

You will first meet these enemies in the Shelter, the third game location. Bloody Creators are an enhanced, enhanced version of the regular Creators. That is why the vulnerable spot of the Bloody Creator is his huge head. But at first you cannot inflict damage on the enemy, since he is protected by an impenetrable shield. The shield drops whenever the enemy tries to use a powerful attack. And this is your chance. If you see that the Bloody Creator does not glow golden, shoot in his head. Moreover, it is desirable to do this from a weapon with powerful single shots. For example, from ballista.

How to destroy turrets

Turrets are stationary weapons that are dangerous at almost any distance. To destroy the turret, you need to shoot at the appearing eye. And the turret itself attacks you only at the moment when this very eye is visible. The turret will periodically hide its eye after a series of shots or if you hold the crosshair on it for too long. In addition, the turret will hide the eye and will not reach it as long as you are standing next to it. Use this moment to your advantage. Fight ordinary demons close to the turret so that it does not cause you problems. And when everyone is destroyed, step back slightly and counterattack. Again, it is best to use a ballista. Overall, the Ballista is one of the most versatile and effective weapons for the new expansion. Of course, not counting the spirits, against which a special modification of the plasma weapon is needed.

How to kill two marauders

The Marauders should be familiar to you from the original game, but unlike it in the DLC, you can face two enemies at once. I remind you how to kill them. It’s not worth attacking the marauder just like that, since he will hide from your attacks under the shield. But as soon as you hear a sound reminiscent of the clink of swords, or see the marauder swinging, attack him with the most powerful weapon. Preferably a double-barreled shotgun. Firstly, you will interrupt the attack of the marauder, and secondly, you will damage him and slightly stun him. And this stun will be enough to make the second shot in a row. As for the battle against the two marauders, here I recommend running away from them as far as possible in order to separate. And by the way, be sure to kill those pesky orange dogs (projections that can deal damage).


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