How to record and send voice messages on WhatsApp without pressing the microphone?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications out there. This messaging app has changed the way we communicate around the world. We can only send texts, but we can make calls, video calls from WhatsApp Web, send emojis, stickers and of course send us voice notes.

Most of us often use this service because it is so practical and simple. It gives us the opportunity to communicate in real time with friends and family anywhere in the world. WhatsApp has provided us with the form of communication and continues to do so as it is updated.

Voice messages in particular are very useful and take less time to communicate. But, although it is very useful, we may inadvertently drop the microphone and lose all our recording. But can we send voice memos without pressing the microphone key?

Why use voice notes when talking on WhatsApp?

No wonder, the notes are so comfortable and fast to use that just by pressing a button and speaking you can send any message. Notes provide you with a better way to communicate with others by expressing yourself naturally.

Has it happened to you that sometimes you want to tell your friends about something that happened to you but you can’t explain it in a text? Do you need to talk about something important but your hands are busy composing a message or are you just lazy to do it?

Voice notes are the best option for this type of situation since you can speak as much as you want. Of course, using voice notes so much can make the memory of our device end up filling up and be a problem.

We must be aware of erasing them, this will help us have enough space for more and more of our voice notes. For this you can enter the files on your device and look for the WhatsApp folder . Inside it you can locate a folder called Media and later Voice Notes to delete the notes you want.

How to record voice messages without pressing the microphone?

In this article we are going to show you in a very simple way how to send voice messages without the need to hold down the microphone. Remember to have the latest version of WhatsApp available for your phone or these steps may not work for you.

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp from the official website, which we will provide below, which will take you to the main page of the application.

Step 1

Access your WhatsApp and select the conversation of the person you want to send a voice note to.

Step 2

Go to the write message bar and select the icon of a paperclip that is on the right next to the microphone.

Step 3

When selecting this icon, various options will appear, among which is a call Audio, it is the one you should use.

Step 4

After clicking, the recorder will appear where we will press record and begin to make our note.

Step 5

After recording the voice memo we will press stop and we will send it to the contact selected in advance.

It’s that simple and fast; you have the opportunity to review your note to verify what you said before submitting it. You will not have to worry about your message being erased and you can also speak freely. In addition, from the notes you can delete WhatsApp files saved on the cell phone to free up space, here is the article so you know how to do it.

It’s that simple to send voice messages without pressing the Microphone button . Surely from now on it will be easier for you to send voice messages to your contacts without deleting them.

If you want to continue learning these tricks, you may be interested in reading this article on how to make a multiple or group video call on WhatsApp.


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