How to record a gameplay on Android

One of the biggest advantages of making gameplays on Android is that you don’t need equipment. You don’t need to buy a webcam or any external microphone to record your videos. Your mobile already has all these functions. How convenient, by God!

Jokes aside, it is true that mobile gaming videos are not as successful as those for PC or game console, but they also have their audience. If you are interested in recording a very cool gameplay session with your phone, you just have to take into account a couple of details.

How to record a gameplay on Android step by step

Before starting, keep in mind that the quality of the video will depend largely on the phone or tablet that you are using to record the gameplay. If you have more than one mobile or Android device at home, try to use the one with the best technical characteristics (microphone, screen resolution, processor and RAM memory).

1- Install a program to record the screen of your Android device

The first thing we have to do is choose a good application to record the mobile screen. Ideally, it should be a tool that allows you to adjust details such as video resolution and FPS.

One of the best apps for Android in this regard is AZ Screen Recorder . It has many configuration options, does not require root permissions and is also free.


AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

Developer: AZ Screen Recorder

Price: Free

If you prefer to opt for other alternatives, you can also take a look at the Mobizen or ADV Screen Recorder apps .

2- Configure the recording app

Once we have the app installed, it is time to configure it. In our case we will use the AZ Screen Recorder app as an example.

  • Within the app, navigate in the upper menu to the settings section. It is the third option, which has a gear icon.
  • In “Video settings”, click on “Resolution”. If your mobile screen has a resolution of FullHD or higher, select a resolution of 1080p. This is the current standard used, and it will make your videos weigh too many megabytes while maintaining good image quality.
  • In “Frame rate” select the option of 60 FPS. In this way, the videos will be recorded at a speed of 60 images per second, achieving the sufficient quality required for a gameplay to look fluid, especially in action games and with a lot of movement on the screen. If your Android device is not capable of recording at 60fps because it hangs, you can go down to a minimum of 30fps.
  • In the “Audio source” section, make sure that the “Microphone” option is checked. This will allow us to make comments and record our own voice while we play.

3- Start the gameplay recording

Of course, if you are going to record yourself commenting on the games, connect a headset to the phone . Otherwise the sound of the game will also be recorded by the mobile microphone. If you decide not to use headphones, at least try to keep the volume of the speakers low so that it does not generate noise and end up spoiling the audio quality.

When you have everything ready, minimize the AZ Screen Recorder app. You will see that a floating button appears in one of the margins of the screen . Click on it and select the record button (camera icon) to start recording the gameplay. Note: if this is the first time you use the app, you will have to give it the requested permissions to record audio and video .

From here, just open the game and have fun playing a good game. When you have finished playing, display the Android notification bar and click on the stop button to stop recording.

4- Finally, edit the video

When we stop recording AZ Screen Recorder will show us a window on the screen where we can see the result of the recording. If we click on the edit button (pencil icon) we will also access a small editor where we can cut pieces of the video that we do not want to appear in the final gameplay (parts such as the beginning or end of the recording).

It is a very simple editor, but it has many options such as adding text, stickers, rotating the video, adding audio and other very basic but useful things. If we prefer to use a video editing tool, Android has a good number of more than decent video editors . If we are looking for a more powerful editing program we can also take a look at the free video editors for PC , where we will find some very nice professional solutions.

As a last tip, if you have recorded the video vertically and you plan to upload it to YouTube or any other similar platform, it would be advisable to change it to landscape format and put some background image so that the edges do not appear black. It doesn’t take long and makes the video much more “digestible” visually.

You can see an example of this that I comment on this gameplay that I recorded a few years ago for my YouTube channel. The game could only be played vertically, so I had to make a small frame to fit the gameplay in the center.

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